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Friends, readers, countrymen, lend me your eyeballs!

Ready for a distraction from Omicron & everything after?

Miss Fitz 2 is coming soon…

Three happy witchy friends gather around a cauldron, surrounded by Jack-O-Lanterns. A shadowy Bigfoot-type figure lurks in the background. Click to order book 2 in the Miss Fitz mystery series

If you haven’t yet ordered Miss Fitz & the Hot Patchouli Murder, now’s your chance to get it before it’s live. Wake up on release day and find it waiting on your Kindle.

Speaking of release day, I’ve currently got the date set for the end of March, but I’m going to try and have it ready earlier than that. Wouldn’t that be magical? Click below to cheer me on.

Miss Fitz & the Hot Patchouli Murder

If, like me, you’re cuddled up by the fire devouring cozy mysteries, then you’re going to want to take part in this BookBub-related giveaway I am participating in. It’s for a bunch of mysteries, and one lucky person wins a new ereader:

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In other news:

  • SPI Girls Kick Ass! is wrapping up. One of our co-authors has just moved several states away, so wrapping up the final chapters is taking a little time, but we’re absolutely thrilled to see her kicking ass in real life as she pursues her new year’s resolution to absorb more organic vitamin D straight from the sun! Will there be a sequel to SPI Girls? Possibly! We’ve definitely got some ideas, and it’s been so much fun to write. If you’re cruising Kindle Vella looking for a romp, I recommend you check out how Zephyr, Jaxa, and Princess Gwendolina save the world.

  • Speaking of resolutions, mine is to get in shape. We have a family vacation coming up for the first time in many years, and I want to be able to enjoy it to the max! I’m starting with a standing desk (loving it) and faithfully wearing my fitness tracker.

    I also hope to have at least four total Miss Fitz books published by this time 2023. And, I pledged on Goodreads to read 104 books, which should not be a problem, but WOW does that sound like a lot!

    How about you? Let me know what you’ve resolved to do this year, to make yourself happier and healthier. Just hit “reply” and zap me a note, or leave a post in my FB group.

  • One way I’m trying to get in shape is playing Oculus games using a VR headset. I’m starting Shadow Point, narrated by the great Patrick Stewart. Hopefully Captain Picard will lure me into getting more active.

With that, I’ll wrap it up for January. Please take care of yourself and we’ll chat again in February. Find me on social media: