Would you like to get home in the afternoon and spend some quality family time together instead of completing homework and rushing to different activities?

The Brain Space Is Here To Help! … Arriving 1st Week Of Term 4

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new business, directly upstairs from C-Me Swim to support the growth of our young people.

After many years of working in schools and being parents ourselves we know all too well the importance of nurturing and extending the minds of our children and providing them with every possible opportunity for success in their early schooling years. We have regular contact with many local schools and we know that during these COVID times many children are requiring a little bit of extra support to catch them up on the in-person learning time they may have missed. We also know that there are some kids that while their grades have not been affected, they are in great need of extending and challenging their minds to ensure the learning experience remains fun and fulfilling. So after much planning and preparation, we are launching our new baby – The Brain Space!

If there are any good things to have come out of COVID-19, we are hopeful The Brain Space is one of them! This is service has been created to support parents and teachers and give your children every bit of extra nurturing of the mind and body they need after school. We know how busy life is and trust us when we tell you WE KNOW how much of a challenge it can be to get your child to do their homework of an afternoon. You are not alone. If we can ease the burden of after school homework and extra curricular activities, and make the experience an enjoyable one for all … then that is what The Brain Space is here for! You can find all of the information here!

Warmest regards

Bill and Simone Evans

A “one stop shop” for Nurturing and Extending young minds.

When your child enters The Brain Space they will experience up to 4 Brain Boosting activities challenging their mind and body. We incorporate both educational extension and consolidation activities with physical activity for a whole body learning experience.

Your child will finish each session with their homework done, their education enriched and their body exercised. You can choose an optional swimming lesson or private tutoring session also. Ready to go home for some quality family time!

Does your child need some extra help in a subject or help to learn it another way?

Would your child benefit from some fun extension activities in STEM, Performing Arts and confidence building or English or Maths?

Would you like an after school alternative that helps to nurture and extend your child’s body and mind?

Then get in touch today as we’d love to give you some of our Brain Boosting goodness ONLY $25 per 2.25 hour after school or Saturday morning session

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The Brain Space
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