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to our autumn newsletter. I am delighted to report that this year's International Congress held in Wales was a great success.  It was a good occasion for many friends from around the world to meet and share stories.  We also launched a new campaign:  One of a Million.  We want a million people to sign up to say that they support the Hearing Voices movement.

If you haven't already done so, please do think about signing up.  It would be great to have your support.

with very best wishes,

Dirk Corstens
Chair of Intervoice

Annual Intervoice Meeting & International Congress

19-21 September 2012

Congress photo main audienceThe 25th anniversary of the founding of the the Hearing Voices movement was celebrated in Cardiff, Wales in September.  Over two hundred people gathered for a programme that was exciting, challenging and moving,

There were keynote speeches from Professor Marius Romme and Dr Sandra Escher describing the history of the movement that started in their home and now has spread across the world.  They paid tribute to the  many people who have had a key role to play in the movement's expansion.  The conference also looked to the future and on the final day, the Intervoice Board announced the launch of a "One of a Million" campaign which seeks to recruit a million people (at least) who will pledge their support for the movement.

Other keynote speeches were wide-ranging and provoked lively discussion. Topics included:  hearing voices and spirituality;  the relationship between Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the Hearing Voices movement; "100 years of schizophrenia"; whether constructs and formulation are an alternative to diagnosis?   International speakers described the Voices at Work project  in Australia; working in group psychotherapy with people with psychosis in Spain and an Austrian perspective on voice hearing and human rights.
Congress photo parallel sessions
There were opportunities for sharing and learning in open sessions and parallel workshops:  descriptions of on-going projects; updates on research; and listening to people's stories.  Congress had a great feeling of solidarity, warmth and caring.  There was also a great party showcasing a range of musical and dancing talents

Many thanks are due to the hosts and organisers: the Hearing Voices Network Cymru, Working to Recovery and Asylum Associates - It was a fantastic success!

Congress photo Marius and RonA full description of this year's Congress will be available soon on the Intervoice website.
To join the One of a Million Campaign see:

Network News

  the first ever Belgian Hearing Voices group has been set up in a psychiatric nursing home in Brussels:  "Entendeurs de Voix" - the group has been running for several months.

Uganda:  "I can't wait to join an HV Group!"   Jim Taylor has sent a report of lauching a Hearing Voices group in Kampala which was attended by 60 people.  Follow this link for the full story:

Kenya: is the recently launched website of the Kenyan network.  The international launch of their new documentary took place at the International Congress on 21st September.

Greece:  the Greek Network reports a  worrying development:the Golden Dawn movement is a neo-Nazi group in Greece which discusses on its website bringing back the extermination of mental patients and physically disabled people.  They feature  a 1985-paper of a French “professor” under the title “Democracy condemns innocent beings to lifelong torture” – it follows the same rationale and “altruistic” cover up of Nazi Germany where it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of inpatients from German psychiatric hospitals were exterminated.

USA: Folks from Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota are planning to start an HVN Midwest network. (With a collaborative website and possible virtual (Skype) meetings to include voice hearers & facilitators living in communities without a local group.) If you live in the Midwest and are interested, please contact us (contact info at Thanks!

Denmark:The Danish Hearing Voices Network was awarded the psychosocial rehabilitation ”Flying Pig” award (Oscar) at their yearly conference with over 400 people attending. This was the first time this award was presented so we are super proud to have been chosen!! Jørn, as founder of the Danish HVN accepted the award on behalf of the HVN (Olga Runciman reports on Facebook)

Italy: Glenda, Alessandra & Marcello from the Italian Hearing Voices Network presented at the 2012 World Association Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Congress, supported by Dirk Corstens & Rachel Waddingham.

News from the intervoice Board

Photo  Eleanor Longden
Eleanor Longden has now joined the Board.  She is also the Chair of the Intervoice Research Committee and is very well known on the international stage.

Photo Patrick Le CardinelPatrick Le Cardinal (psychiatrist, EPSM Lille Metropole/WHO Collaborating Centre, France) has joined the Research Committee.

Intervoice Survey

Intervoice conducted a survey earlier in the year to find out your views and ideas for the way forward.  The survey is now complete and the results are available on the website:  Thank you to everyone who took part.

One of a Million Campaign

One of a Million Campaign

We hope that at least one million people will sign our pledge to support our work:

  •  Hearing voices is a normal though unusual and personal variation of human experience.
  • Hearing voices makes sense in relation to personal life experiences.
  • The problem is not hearing voices but the difficulty to cope with the experience.
  • People who hear voices can cope with these experiences by accepting and owning their voices.
  • A positive attitude by society and its members towards people hearing voices increases acceptance of voices and people who hear voices. Discrimination and excluding of people hearing voices must stop.
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World Hearing Voices Congress 2013 
Where:  Melbourne, Australia
When:  20-22 November
Register interest now!

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New Book: " Psychosis as a personal crisis: an experienced based approach" (2012) Edited by Marius Romme and Sandra Escher. Routledge

"This book seeks to challenge the way people who hear voices are both viewed and treated, paying particular emphasis to the individual variation between people who have such experiences. With twenty international contributors, who in their professional work, research or their own personal experience of psychosis all focus on the person’s subjective experience of psychosis rather than the medical and often pathologising understanding, this book presents a way of challenging and departing from the dominant psychiatric model of ‘madness’."

Latest news from the Durham University Multi-disciplinary project is that a fully funded PhD studentship is available to work with Dr Felicity Callard (Department of Geography/Centre for Medical Humanities) and members of the Hearing the Voice project team (closing date 21 November); 
The team includes academics from cognitive neuroscience, cultural studies, English literature, medical humanities, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology and theology; clinicians and arts-and-health practitioners; voice-hearers, service users and other ‘experts by experience.’

Young people from have made a fantastic animation about their experiences:


Media Watch 

See our facebook media watch page to comment on these features/articles.

Jacqui Dillon speech "The Personal is Political: The experiences, feeling and possibilities of our personal lives are not just a matter of personal preferences and defined by the broader political and social setting ….".

Schizophrenia Commission Report highlights claims that neuroleptic medication is cutting lives short

What are your views on this new filmSilver Linings Playbook? "Pat Solitano has a number of problems. Mood swings. Anxiety attacks. Violent rages. Auditory hallucinations. And a marriage that ended, well, pretty badly, with an arrest and a restraining order.

But now, after eight months of court-order...ed psychiatric treatment, Pat is getting out, with two new prescriptions, a bed in the attic of his parents' home and a plan to win back his wife.

Being positive? Or just being delusional? The two often mix in "Silver Linings Playbook," a feel-good movie about feeling bad, with Bradley Cooper as the problematic Pat."

Will Hall accepts the 2012 Judi Chamberlin "Joy in Advocacy" Award presented by the National Coalition for Mental Health:

Robert Whitaker: Open Dialogue Model has 80% recovery rates from Schizophrenia:

"I hear voices pretty much all of the time. It might sound distracting, but it makes me good at my job" Rachel Waddingham featured in UK Paper The Sunday Telegraph:

Interior Voices: Charles Fernyhough and Shona Illingworth. A discussion between the psychologist and novelist Charles Fernyhough and the artist Shona Illingworth about voices and interiority, hosted by James Wilkes as part of his poetry residency at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL.

Recorded at the Artsadmin Cafe, London on 11.5.12.
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