Contains information on the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress, World Hearing Voices Day, new board members, developments in Australia and Japan, new books, events and resources.
Intervoice: The International Hearing Voices Community
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The Hearing Voices Network
25 Years On:

Learning from the PAST, 
Practicing in the PRESENT, 
Visioning the FUTURE

Congress PosterThis year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Hearing Voices Movement. Over the last 25 years the network has helped countless voice hearers gain ascendency over the negative impact of the voice hearing experience. Alongside this, the network has acted as the vehicle for change in professional practice. On the 19th 20th and 21st of September 2012 the Hearing Voices World Congress and the annual Intervoice meeting will be held in the All Nations Conference Centre, Cardiff, Wales.

The Intervoice meeting will be on 19th September, an Open Space event with speakers, followed by our World Congress on the 20th and 21st September.

Contributors over the three days include: Hywel Davies (Wales), Marius Romme, Sandra Escher (Belgium), Joe Calleja (Australia), Lucy Johnstone (Wales), Dirk Corstens (Netherlands), Robin Murray (UK), Rufus May (England), Kellie Comans (Australia), Michaela Amering (Austria), AlanLeader (England), Paul Baker (Spain/UK), Peter Bullimore (England), Jacqui Dillon (England), RonColeman (Scotland), Rachel Waddingham (England), Eleanor Longden (England), Oryx Cohen (USA),Will Hall (USA), Prof Manuel Gonzales de Chavez (Spain),Willa Casstevens (USA), Pino Pini (Italy),Marcello Macario (Italy), Indigo Daya (Australia), David Denborough (Australia).

There will be entertainment on the evening of 20th of September to celebrate our twenty-fifth birthday as an organisation. This will include a Mad Pride event, 80’s tribute band and canapés. All are welcome. Tickets cost £10 (waged) and £5 (unwaged) on first come first serve basis - as there is a limit on the number of people the function room can hold. Tickets available at:


World Hearing Voices Day

14 September 2012

World Hearing Voices Day LogoWorld Hearing Voices Day celebrates hearing voices as part of the diversity of human experience, increasing awareness of the fact that you can hear voices and be healthy. It challenges the negative attitudes towards people who hear voices and the incorrect assumption that hearing voices, in itself, is a sign of illness.

Every year for the last five years we have celebrated World Hearing Voices Day. The theme this year is to celebrate 25 years of the existenceof INTERVOICE and the Hearing Voices Movement and to look to the future too.

In previous years groups have held public meetings and workshops about hearing voices; organised picnics, poetry and music events; set up stalls and even marches through towns; put out press releases and involved national and local media.

If you are a national network, a local group or an individual and are planning or thinking about hosting a World Hearing Voices Day Event in 2012, please tell us about it.

If you’re not able to host, or attend, an event – why not use the day to talk to people about ‘hearing voices’. Share some of Intervoice’s 12 essential facts and promote some discussion with friends, colleagues and relatives.

We will be providing coordinating support including a press release and connecting all the events around the world so you know what is happening.


Introducing Will & Kellie . . .

Two new people have joined the Internet Board recently – Will Hall and Kellie Comans.  We invited them to tell us a little about themselves and the work they are involved in:

Will Hall

Will HallWill Hall MA, DiplPW, is a therapist, trainer, and community development worker whose recovery from a schizophrenia diagnosis has brought him the forefront of  innovations in psychosis treatment in the US and around the world. A longtime leader with the peer recovery movement, co-founder of Freedom Center, and organizer with The Icarus Project, Will also hosts the FM radio program Madness Radio syndicated through the Pacifica Network. Will's writing has appeared in the Journal of Best Practices in Mental Health Care and in the upcoming Oxford University Press Modern Community Mental Health Work: An Interdisciplinary Approach, and he has been widely featured in the media including the New York Times and Newsweek magazine. His “Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs” has been translated into 4 languages, and he has consulted in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru for Disability Rights International. Will is founder of Portland Hearing Voices, which now has three Voices and Extreme States groups running weekly, and is a co-founder of Hearing Voices USA.,, and

Kellie Comans

Kellie ComansBig Hello from Australia! I had the honour of being invited to be a part of the Intervoice Board and was beyond delighted to become a more active part of a movement that has helped me to reclaim my life, recycle my bad experiences into something worth much more than they are and most importantly be proud of who I’ am. I now have the confidence and ability to embrace all these parts of myself and I will always remain incredibly grateful to the Hearing Voices Network for this newfound acceptance.   To be more involved feels like an incredible opportunity to give back and hopefully give as much as it has given me. Intervoice is truly my Tribe and it is there I met my kind of people. People, who were willing to sit with people in their pain, delve into the meaning of their unusual but completely normal human experience and bear witness to this without judgment, People who were willing to speak up, passionate people fighting to make change and determined to help others. 

And news of the Australian network ..

Australian FlagBeen a busy year Down Under and I have been very blessed to be a part of a variety of exciting programs, media opportunities, conferences and the launch of our local Hearing Voices Group. In February Voices Vic had their second Hearing Voices Conference which went off with great success. It was amazing to be a part of such a vibrant, inspiring and energetic conference. The Voices Vic crew should be very proud of this success.

In Melbourne recently Voice Vic and some of the regional crew were filmed for The Project (A National News Program.) it was quite the experience. Indigo Daya recently had a radio interview with quite a well known media personality Red Symonds. Check out Voice Vic website for more info.

More locally in my home town we had an article published about our local Hearing Voices Group in Albury/ Wodonga, which has taken off amazingly in the past 6months. It was slow starting but we now have upward of 14 every week and have even bust the seams at 20 once in awhile. We have a steering group that meets once a fortnight and is leading the way forward for the group. The group was recently named by its members Speak Out, Free Voice. We have our local news crew coming to talk to some of our voice hearers this week after the group, hopefully we can create awareness and reduce stigma.

I attended the ASPAC Conference in June and did a plenary presentation with Mark Brown from the UK, Professor Patrick Mcgorry (Former Australian of the year and the most High Profile person in Australia in regards to Mental health) and Jon Jurrendini about the Emerging Generation, diagnoses and medications place and the role service users have in developing the way forward. It was exciting to be a part of such a high profile presentation (700 odd delegates) that created a lot of debate and excellent discussion. The conference itself was amazing and was lucky to hear from many varied and diverse presenters on a range of topics.

Recent Hearing Voices Activities in Japan

a report by Wakio Sato

Japan's FlagThe seed of our network was given by Marius and Sandra when Wakio Sato attended the first London meeting of hearing voices (written as HV below) in 1991. In those times, he was staying as a trainee worker at one of the Richmond Fellowship halfway houses in England.

On returning home, he introduced the initial article, ‘Hearing Voices’ by Marius & Sandra, translating it into Japanese to be put on the Journal issued by the Jpn. Assoc. of Clin. Psychol. in 1993. That was the time when the ‘seed’ started to sprout.

The first HV meeting was held in 1996 in Okayama prefecture, attended by eight people including two voice hearers. In December of the same year, the first HV lecture meetings were held in Osaka, Tokyo and Okayama with the lecturer, Ensink,B. who used to be one of the co-researchers with Marius. This surely gave stimuli and expectations to Japanese people concerned.

Next year, 1997, the Okayama HV group started agreeing to have a meeting every other month and issue a newsletter bimonthly. Since then, it has kept meeting every other month, and so its 92nd meeting was held yesterday, 14th July, and the newsletter No.91 was issued in June.

The Assoc. of Clin. Psychol. has also been supportive for the HV approach, holding symposia and workshops on many occasions of its annual congresses. To be epoch-making, it invited Marius, Sandra and Ron to its 2000 congress for the special lecture ‘Hearing Voices’.

Presently there are four groups of HV in Okayama, Osaka and Tokyo. The two groups in Osaka consisting mainly of voice hearers seem to be the most active for now. The Association published a book titled “The World of Auditory Hallucinations” in 2009, which covers wide range of hearing voices phenomenon. Then the association had a panel discussion in its 2010 congress, to which Dr. Asada, a brain researcher and other two authors of the book were invited.

In its 2011 Congress, a HV workshop was organized by Lee, the support worker of the Osaka Suita group. There, seven voice hearers of the Osaka groups activated it with 18-19 other attendants.

This year, two of our members are going to attend the World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff. May the World Congress and Intervoice Meeting be greatly successful!

New Book: 
Hearing Voices

The Histories, Causes and Meanings of Auditory Verbal Hallucinations

Simon McCarthy-Jones

Hearing Voices Book CoverThe book begins with a history of hearing voices, beginning 5,000 years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia and ending with the development of psychiatry and the Hearing Voices Movement. It gives rich examples of voice-hearing in these different eras and considers how power, religion, medicine and gender have influenced how we understand the experience.

The second part examines what the voice-hearing is actually like, how it can impact someone’s life, how people may make the journey from being a patient voice-hearer to a non-patient voice-hearer, and how different religions and cultures understand voice-hearing.

The third part examines what causes somebody to hear voices. After reviewing what contemporary neuroscience can tell us about how the brain produces such experiences, the roles of psychology, trauma and society are examined. This part also includes a consideration of methods available to help those who hear distressing voices.

The final part of the book examines the meanings of voice-hearing, ranging from biological disease views to those of the Hearing Voices Movement. It concludes that different explanatory models are needed for different types of voices and that what voice-hearers and their voices have to say must be heard.

Published by Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-1-107-00-722-2

Eleanor Longden @ TED

Watch Eleanor Longden in her recent appearance at TED@London. Eleanor, speaking with her characteristic humour and honesty, describes her experiences of hearing voices and the way she has been able to reclaim her life by listening to what they say. We need as many people as possible to view, rate and comment on the video clip to help send Eleanor to the international TED2013 conference. It would be a real achievement to get the message of the Hearing Voices Movement out to an international mainstream audience.;TEDLondon

New Animation: A Little Insight

Voice Collective, UK

We're delighted to share Voice Collective's new animation short. Created by young people who hear voices (aged between 13-18), the animation aims to challenge the stigma surrounding hearing voices in schools. Colleagues from Holland and Denmark are busy translating Voice Collective information into other languages. Keep an eye on the Intervoice website for details of new translations and initiatives.

A Request

If you, or someone you know, would like to tranlate any part of the Intervoice website or resources into another language - please contact us at
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11 September 2012, Germany
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19-21 September 2012, UK
World Hearing Voices Congress
Cardiff, Wales

1-4 October 2012, UK
Talking With Voices
West Yorkshire

2-3 October 2012, UK
Changing Realities (ISPS UK)

19 October 2012, Netherlands
Stemmen in je hoofd


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