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Welcome to the latest Intervoice Newsletter

Hello and greetings.  It is good to be able to share the latest news and developments with you.  We had an amazing International Congress in Australia in November and we are now looking forward to the 2014 Congress which will be hosted by the Hellenic Hearing Voices Network and the Hellenic Observatory for Rights in the field of Mental Health.

We held our first AGM under our new charity constitution and elected a new Board. 

We want to share good news across the world and encourage you to send us information about what you doing - it would be great to hear from you!

with very best wishes
Dirk Corstens
Intervoice Chair

The 6th World Hearing Voices Congress will take place from 10-12th October 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The theme will be:  "Odysseying with the Sirens:  struggling towards recovery in times of crisis".

This year's title refers to the Odyssey, Homer's famous epic where the Sirens lured Ulysses from his path.  Everyone interested in the Hearing Voices movement is invited to come along to share, participate, meet one another - all in a most beautiful and ancient setting.

The congress organisers are The Hellenic Hearing Voices Network and the Hellenic Observatory for Rights in the field of Mental Health.

The deadline for submission of papers is 30th May 2014 and early registration rates are available until 10th August 2014.

More information from:

World Hearing Voices Congress November 2013

Over 700 delegates from around the world took part in this fantastic gathering.  During the Congress the Melbourne Declaration was launched and signed by 56 organisations.

You can find out more about who signed the Declaration and about the Congress in general here

Melbourne Declaration 2013

New Intervoice Board

We are happy to announce that the new Board was elected on February 24th 2014 and the members are:
  • Olga Runciman (Denmark)
  • Phil Benjamin (Australia)
  • Kellie Comans (Australia)
  • Eleanor Longden (United Kingdom)
  • Sandra Escher (The Netherlands)
  • Jorn Eriksen (Denmark)
  • Will Hall (United States of America)
  • Dirk Corstens (The Netherlands)

Intervoice Platforms

We support a range of social media platforms where you can participate in discussions, receive regular information, view videos and photographs and find your nearest group or network.  

INTERVOICE Facebook Group
This is a Facebook Discussion Group, all members can post and comment. Membership is by request.  The group is moderated and has guidelines. We now have 3,500 members.

The Hearing Voices Media Watch Facebook Page

This is a news, events and information page. The page can be "liked" and those who follow the page can view, "like" and comment on the posts.

INTERVOICE Twitter account

The INTERVOICE Twitter account shares information, events and news about hearing voices and encourages people to visit our other platforms.

INTERVOICE YouTube Channel

This platform is for videos about hearing voices.  Subjects include:  Recovery and Hearing Voices; Documentaries and films; Personal Experiences of hearing voices.

INTERVOICE Groups and Networks Google Map
Over 290 National, regional and local Hearing Voices Networks, Groups, Research & Training Centres can be found on this map.

NEW  Hearing Voices Flickr Group

A photographic archive of events and people involved in the movement.

For more information contact:  Paul Baker, Social Media Co-ordinator,

Happy 80th Birthday Marius!

Earlier this year, Professor Marius Romme celebrated his 80th birthday and Monika Hoffmann has written a birthday tribute which you can see here

In response, Marius said that Monika was one of the first people to become involved in the movement over 25 years ago when she set up a hearing voices group in Berlin. 

Network News

Welsh flagHearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales) Website
The Hearing Voices Network Cymru website has added new sections on spirituality and recovery.  The spirituality section includes articles on spiritual crisis and breakthrough; reincarnation and shamanism.  The recovery section has new articles on Open Dialogue, mindfulness, medication and nutrition.  You can find this information on

Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack 2014
Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales) is inviting applications for free Hearing Voices Information Resource Packs from organisations and individuals around the world who wish to set up or support hearing voices groups.  To date, they have sent out over 200 packs to 31 countries of the world and intend to send out a further 100 packs this year.  The packs include important books and DVDs about the hearing voices approach.  For further information on how to make an application go to

American flagFrom the USA

Website update:  Hearing Voices network USA has recently updated its website and added a new "Find a Group" page.  More details:

French flagThe French Network is growing fast!  At its General Assembly meeting on 15th  March,  the REV France Association reported that in addition to six established groups, new ones had begun in Paris, Vannes, Brest, Dijon and Toulouse.  A number of training courses are being held including a Paranoia Workshop with Peter Bullimore on 22nd & 23rd May in Paris.  In June there will be a national gathering in Marseille - more details from:

In London, England, a group of psychotherapists is setting up a network to signpost people to  free or affordable therapy services.  It is early days yet, but, hopefully, more groups and practitioners will join in

Italian flag
The Italian Hearing Voices network has recently started a blog as a tool to promote debate.  There is an option to translate it via Google Translate so it can be read in many languages.

Dirk Corstens, Slobodanka Popovic & Rachel Waddingham are visiting Belgrade & Sarajevo from 16 June to help develop Hearing Voices work in the area through a series of events. We appreciate any donations towards venue hire costs.


Up coming workshops in the USA:

Hearing Voices in Childhood & Adolescence:
Hartford CT 7 May - weblink here
Holyoke MA 9th May see the pdf here

Taboo & Violent Voices
Hartford CT 7th May - weblink here
Holyoke MA 8th May -see the pdf here

Psychosis 2.0 is an event being held in Toronto, Canada on June 13th.  The line up of speakers includes:
  • Eleanor Longden
  • Will Hall
  • Rufus May
  • John Read
  • Keris Myrick
  • Michael Cornwall
More information from:

Mindfreedom's 2014 Creative Revolution Conference in Lichfield, Conneticut, USA includes input from the hearing voices network.  Keynote speakers include Robert Whitaker and Mary Ellen Copeland.  For more info:

A meeting about the Hearing Voices approach, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8th September 2014
Paul Baker and John Jenkins are going to be in Sao Paulo for a week in September to attend an international Summer School on Community Mental Health to present workshops on Whole Life Whole Systems Recovery into Practice.  Whilst they are in Sao Paulo they could be available to hold a meeting/seminar on the hearing voices approach.  If you would like more information please contact Paul at

World Hearing Voices Day 14 September 2014
If you are planning any events for World Hearing Voices Day we would love to hear about it:
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