Latest news from Intervoice:  Spring Newsletter 2013
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Newsletter Spring 2013

Greetings from the Chair

Welcome to the latest Intervoice newsletter - here are some great stories and some very positive news from around the world.  I hope, like me, you feel inspired by all that our colleagues and friends are doing.  We want to hear your news, so please keep in touch..

with best wishes,
Dirk Corstens
Chair of Intervoice

Eleanor Longden at TEDEleanor Longden

Intervoice Board member Eleanor Longden received a standing ovation at the 2013 TED conference when she delivered a presentation about her own experiences of hearing voices - and the ground-breaking work of > Intervoice - to an audience of 1700 that included Bill Gates, Al Gore, Ben Affleck, Bono, Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz and Goldie Hawn. Held yearly in California, TED is a prestigious event dedicated to promoting "ideas worth spreading" that reaches millions of international viewers via its online talks. Past TED presenters include Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Richard Dawkins and Bill Gates, and Eleanor was one of 30 individuals invited as a result of TED's Global Talent Search that auditioned 300 hopefuls across14 countries in 2012. Eleanor sees this as an indication of how attitudes to mental health are starting to shift, and credits the support,energy, and inspiration of the Intervoice community for motivating her throughout the process. "The work of the Hearing Voices Movement shows that empathy, justice and respect are more than words: they are convictions and beliefs", she says "and that beliefs can change the world". Eleanor's talk will be available to view online at in early May.

An alternative Finnish approach to healing psychosis

Here is a trailer for a documentary film about the Western Lapland Open Dialogue Project.  The program presently is getting the best results for first-break psychosis - with approximately 85% recovery.
".. the world has a chance to break out of the mind system it had, the world psychiatric system and do something better- the opportunity to tell the story that could literally alter millions of lives if societies would change and learn from the Western Lapland success."

First Hospital Hearing Voices Groups in Denmark

For the first time in history Hearing Voices groups have been started in a Hospital for Forensic Psychiatry.It started on 15th February 2012 in Risskov, Århus, Denmark. In August 2012 another Hearing Voices group was started at the same Hospital. The two groups were founded by two staff members from the Hospital and two former voice hearers, who currently are in charge of the groups. The first group has now been meeting for more than a year now and both groups are going strong.
See also...
In 2004 an initiative for people who hear voices began in the Municipality of Aarhus in Denmark. This inspiring documentary shows the new group forming and reflecting on their experience.   In Danish with English subtitles.
A wonderful interview with Olga Runciman, Chair of the Hearing Voices Danish Network (in English):

New Hearing Voices Group in Ireland

In November 2012, Jacqui Dillon led a three day Hearing Voices Group Facilitators course in Dublin, Cork and Galway, organised by the Irish Institure of Mental Health Nursing and funded by the HSE.  Since the training, a number of meetings have taken place to set up Hearing Voices group in Dublin. The first began in February 2013.

A story of an Italian history of resistance

Elisabetta Angelillo's video documentary "Written by voice" is a history of resistance to processes of medicalisation of mental illness. Hearing voices is still considered as a psychiatric illness: Gruppo Voci tries to overcome through dialogue and listening, trying to give the experience of hearing voices a meaning. Their stories have become a book.  more info:
Preliminary findings from the independent Inquiry into the ‘Schizophrenia’ Label (ISL)
Preliminary findings show that over 80% of those who gave evidence believe the diagnosis is damaging and dangerous.  See:

ICRA & the Hywel Davies Foundation:  Scholarships for online training
Thanks to the Hywel Davies Foundation, the International Centre for Recovery Action (ICRA) can offer scholarships to people from developing countries and Eastern Europe for introductory online training.  Topics include:  the hearing voices approach, male survivors of sexual abuse, understanding recovery etc. They are designed for anyone working in mental health, people who have had psychotic experiences and their family members. New courses are being added and web seminars and podcasts are also planned. If you would like to apply for a scholarship write to: explaining a llittle about yourself, where you live and  how you would use the courses.

Hearing Voices Resource Pack Fund 2013
If you would like a free hearing voices resource pack you can find details here:


From Hampshire, England:  Volunteer Group Facilitator and Treasurer/Fundraiser needed
A group facilitator is needed to help to run Hearing Voices peer support groups with young people (12-17 years) and young adults (18-25 years) in Hampshire, England.  Help is also needed with fundraising applications.  Contact Zanell at:

From Austria:  a speaker needed for World Hearing Voices Day
We, Intervoice Oberösterreich – Netzwerk Stimmenhören, the Austrian Hearing Voices Network, have begun planning our annual World Hearing Voices Day 2013 conference for Saturday September 14, 2013. Since the World Hearing Voices Day’s conception we have held a yearly conference for voice hearers, their relatives and carers in LinzAustria. During the last years we have focused on different aspects of hearing voices covering such themes as religion, parapsychology, trauma, and recovery. The topic for 2013 will be intercultural aspects of hearing voices. We are currently looking for a speaker who could hold a talk on hearing voices in non-western and/or pre-industrial cultures. We would like the voice hearing community to make suggestions.   Preferably the talk should be given in German – we would help with a translation but would also make for provisions for simultaneous translation if necessary. We have limited resources but we are really good hosts.

We always provide a talk/event for the general public on the evening before the World Hearing Voices Day. This year will be no exception. We have invited Carolyn von Taysen to present the film on the Normal Difference Mental Health Project in the slum of Kariobangi, Nairobi.

Contact by: email: or Stimmen, Exit-sozial, Wildbergstr. 10a,4030 Linz,Austria

From Durham University, England:  submissions invited for Voicewalks
In conjunction with Hearing the Voice, Stepaway Magazine is publishing a special issue dedicated to the creative exploration of inner speech and voice hearing experiences within the context of walking in the city.  The issue will present a collection of walking narratives by both voice hearers and writers who creatively imagine hearing voices.  If you are interested in making a submission go to for more information.

From the Hearing Voices Network USA
Any training you think we should know about? We'd like to start sharing more information about Hearing Voices-related presentations and training that are available around the country, and are exploring different ways to do that, but first and foremost, we need to know about them, so please be sure to e-mail us at to let us know when you're aware of something coming up!

From Chicago (USA) Hearing Voices
Based on preliminary contacts with US hearing voices movement groups, facilitators and organizers from around the US, there seems to be significant interest in a national (US) listserv, as well as future national and regional meetings (possibly in conjunction with the ISPS-US annual conference and/or Alternatives).  If interested in networking and discussion with these goals in mind, please email Nev Jones, director of Chicago Hearing Voices, at

From Pennsylvania, USA
Berta Britz reports:  in Montgomery County PA, we have four hearing voices groups and one group for future facilitators.  One of these is for young people.  Berta has also been filmed for two short Newsmakers appearances for TV.

There will be a panel of HVNG facilitators at ISPS-US Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey consisting of Berta Britz, Oryx Cohen, Nev Jones (see item above), Lisa Forestell and Melissa McLean.

Conferences & Training

Hearing Voices Network USA:  Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor
University of Illinois:  18-19 April - Working with Voice Hearers
Madison, Wisconsin:  23-25 April - Hearing Voices:  an evidence based, self-directed approach to wellness

Gothenberg, Sweden: International Conference Thursday 25th April Saturday 27th April
Welcome to three intensive days on humanistic and sustainable social work.Speakers from all over the world will share their experiences and as a participant you will be given the opportunity to contribute and share your experiences in group discussions.Through this conference we intend to counter the arguments for the increasingly manualized practices in caretaking professions, arguments that refer to evidence-based knowledge and cutting costs. We believe it is vital to raise the issues around sustainability and research associated with humanism. What helps people in the long run?What does sustainable and evolutionary research demonstrate about Human Life on Earth? What does our own experience illustrate?
Contact:  Carina Håkansson or see

Syracuse, New York State, USA:  Dr Peter Breggin's Empathic Therapy Conference April 26-28
Interested in learning about how to envision and create more empathic, human-centered, effective and caring mental health approaches? This is the event of the year! Families, consumers, persons in recovery and laypeople are welcome to attend as well as professionals. Conference all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday until 1 pm. Fee includes lunches for Friday & Saturday and a continental breakfast for Sunday as well as evening events with desserts. 3 exciting days of speakers and breakout sessions .

New York City, USA : New Visions of Psychosis - beyond the Medical Model" April 20-27
Will Hall, Krista Mackinnon and colleagues present a series of workshops.  Krista Mackinnon is also teaching an online family recovery course "Transforming our Suffering"

Massachusetts, USA:  Hearing Voices Facilitator Training 5th-9th May 2013
The Western Mass. Recovery Learning Community is hosting a four day Hearing Voices Facilitator Training Course in Holyoake, Massachusetts.  The training is free, but participants will have to cover their own travel and lunch expenses.  Trainers will include:  Lisa Forestell; Marty Hadge; Sera Davidow and Jacqui Dillon (by Skype).  Contact:  

London England:  Working with Voices and Paranoia training 18th-19th June 2013
Facilitators Peter Bullimore, Chris Tandy, Kate Crawford for more details and costs email

Nancy, France:  Hearing Voices Meeting 26-27 June 2013
Members of HV groups and networks from Europe and Quebec are invited to gather for two days of sharing ideas and communicating with the public. The first day will focus on the practices and facilitation of groups and ways to publicise them, as well as an opportunity to present innovative projects from your group/network. The second day is intended for the wider public who want to find out about the HV approach. Registration is free: the only cost will be for travel and accommodation.  If you wish to make a public presentation on the 27th, please tell us about your ideas ! Contact:  Yann Derobert []
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Videos and Publications

Wales:  Hywel Davies "Voices through the Ages"
Hywel Davies delivers a talk at the Annual General Meeting of MAP (Mental Health Advocacy Providers) in Pembrokeshire, January 2013:

England:  Personal Reflections - Rachel Waddingham at Cardiff
Rachel Waddingham, Manager of the London Hearing Voices Project, is filmed talking about her personal experience at the Intervoice World Congress in Cardiff, September 2012:

Netherlands:  Hearing Voices item on Dutch TV
NewsOn 5th February, a Dutch TV news programme featured Irene van der Giessen and Dirk Corstens:

Managing the Contradictions:  Alain Topor
A new book from Sweden - despite the lack of successful treatments for people with severe mental disorders, a large number of people nevertheless recover.  More details:

This Month in Voices
This link takes you to an interesting round up of recent publications:
Prahan Mission

Congress 2013:  Melbourne, Australia

Don't miss out on the most innovative, collaborative and inspiring mental health event of the year!  20-22 November in Melbourne, Australia.  See:
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