Information about the 2016 World Hearing Voices Congress in Paris, the Intervoice Awards, a membership offer and some multi-media resources
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News & Updates from the Intervoice Board

It's an exciting time for us. We're preparing for the World Hearing Voices Congress in Paris (from 19-22 October), getting ready for the first ever Intervoice Awards that accepts open nominations, have a membership offer (generously supported by Hywel Davies) and can share some great multi-media trailers and clips that you may find interesting.

If you're new to Intervoice, or haven't been in touch for a while, you can find out about our board here. If you'd like to know what Intervoice is and how it relates to our wonderful Hearing Voices Movement, you can find out more: here.

Following our last AGM, the Board, in alphabetical order, is now: Dirk Corstens (Vice Chair), Jørn Ditlev Eriksen (Secretary), Kellie Stastny, Lisa Forestell, Olga Runciman, Rachel (Rai) Waddingham (Chair), Philip Benjamin and Sandra Escher. We are sad to lose Will Hall and Eleanor Longden, who stepped down at the last AGM. However, we're thankful for their hard work and support.

Finally, we're working to re-design our Intervoice website and bring it up to date. We want to make sure that the information is useful, easy to access and meets people's needs. There is currently a poll on the website where you can tell us what content and information is most important to you. We're also looking for people who can write updates on what is happening in their local network. If you have any news, information, resources or stories to share - please e-mail us at

I hope to see many of you in Paris later this month, or maybe in Boston at our 2017 World Hearing Voices Congress.

Best wishes

Chair of Intervoice

The Intervoice Board is proud to re-launch the Intervoice Awards as an opportunity to honour the diversity and dedication of the community of which we are part. These awards are just one way to highlight some of the people, groups and organisations who contribute towards making the world a better place for those of us who hear voices, see visions or have other related phenomena.

Our movement is founded upon the shared belief that our experiences can be understood in many ways. Equally, we understand that people’s contributions to this movement can take many forms. Some are widely celebrated, but others are known to a few close allies or connections. We need your help to ensure that these awards reflect to diversity of our world community. This is an opportunity for you to raise your voice in the nomination process.

How to make a nomination

There are five categories of award. You are welcome to nominate any individual, a group/organisation or initiative that you would like to celebrate for their contribution to the Hearing Voices Movement in one of the following areas:

  1. Hearing Voices Groups and Networks
  2. Innovation
  3. Education / Promotion
  4. Research
  5. Inspiration

You can complete the nomination form on our website ( any time up until 10pm Sunday 16 October (UK time).

Making History, Owning Our Stories

The 8th World Hearing Voices Congress 2016 - Paris

congress poster19 – 22nd October 2016,  Paris (France)

Some places are still available. Book soon!

If you would like to find out more, or book a place, see:, or e-mail

If you are coming to the congress and would like to link with other participants beforehand, you can join this closed Facebook Group:


  • Wednesday 19 October – Intervoice Day & Free Evening Public Event (plenary conference)
  • Thursday 20 & Friday 21 October – The World Hearing Voices Congress, made exclusively of workshops
  • Saturday 22nd October – Free Public Forum
You can find out more about the programme, venues and booking at

Intervoice Day: an opportunity to meet with others from the World Hearing Voices Movement, hear about new initiatives and share your experiences.

Evening Public Event: includes Paul Baker, Ron Coleman, Vincent Demassiet, Yann Derobert, Eleanor Longden, Marius Romme, & Myreille St-Onge

World Hearing Voices Congress: Includes workshops from: Mette Askov (DK), Ivan Barry (DE), Nejma Benamore (FR), Lien Boetje (NL), Richard Breton (CA), Lara Brglez (SI), Berta Britz (US), Linda Brown (US), Peter Bullimore (UK), Arturo Cannarozzo (IT), Ron Coleman (UK), Dirk Corstens (NL), Sherry Craig (CA), Fulvia Crivellaro (IT), Michelle Dalton (IE), Brigitte David (FR), Gaia DeMarzo (IT), Yann Derobert (FR), Anne-Laure Donskoy (UK), Emanuela Dova (IT), Pascale Laurence Ducos (FR), Marie-Christine Dufour (CA), Alexandre Dumais (CA), Cece Egan (UK), Kate Fiske (AU), Lisa Forestell (US), Eve Gardien (FR), Eleanor Gilbert (UK), Les Gilbert (UK), Katheuryne Grefford (CA), Isabelle Hadengue (FR), Will Hall (US), Julien Hennebo (FR), Xavier Hernandez (FR), Lucy Johnstone (UK), Alain Karinthi (FR), Eoin Kelly (UK), Michel Knols (NL), Hana Kosan (SI), Catherine Lachance (CA), Cloe Laurendeau (FR), Patrick Le Cardinal (FR), Craig Lewis (US), Marcello Macario (IT), Judy Mantle (UK), Elise Massin (FR), Conor McCormack (UK), Isabelle Moretti (CA), Sara Moretti (IT), Eve Mundy (UK), Evy Noordman (NL), Marilena Piretti (IT), Slobodan Popovic (UK), Lorna Ritchie (DE), Sandrine Rousseau (CA), Olga Runciman (DN), Paolo Scorzoni (IT), Sarah Sewell (AU), René Sicard (CA), Catherine Simmonds (AU), Brigitte Soucy (CA), Lyudmyla Steblinska (IT), Seetha Subbiah (SG), Karen Taylor (UK), Caroline Thibault (CA), Ros Thomas (AU), Serge Tracy (CA), Serge Tracy (CA), Jo Twist (UK), David van den Berg (NL), Maria Ria Vecchio (IT), Joel Waddingham (UK), Rachel Waddingham (UK), Caroline White (US), Angela Woods (UK)…
and other members of the Hearing Voices Networks! + A special workshop (in partnership with REV France and Collectif l’Humain Visible)

Saturday Public Forum including: Richard Bentall: Genetics vs Life Events in the Origins of Psychosis; John Read: The effects of psychiatry’s bio-genetic ideology: pessimism, stigma, collusion with child abuse and social inequalities; Lucy Johnstone: Is There a Good Use of Psychiatric Diagnoses?; Will Hall: People Helping Each Other Getting Off Psychiatric Medications. Plus the Healing Voices Movie and discussion with Oryx Cohen & PJ Moynihan (producers).

You can find out more about the programme, venues and booking at

Kampala Hearing Voices Group Update

See our website to read about the experiences of members of the Kampala Hearing Voices Group.

‘I have experienced voices for a long time, since the age of nine. I thought it was normal, that all people heard voices. They would command me what to do. Even when I was hungry they would tell me not to eat, telling me the food was poisoned. I came to realise that when you share with others these voices reduce.

In the past I couldn’t say no to my voice but through sharing I learnt a tactic of talking to my voice and it has helped me so much. I learnt to control the voices.

Through the sharing group, you realise that you are not alone, there are many other people coping with these voices. Now I can share and help others with voices.’

- Yudaya

Membership Offer

We are excited to be able to offer a free Living with Voices book to the first 70 new members that join us from 19 October 2016.

Whilst many of you may already have this really wonderful book, which details 50 stories of people who have found ways of living with their voices, it remains one of the most inspiring collections of voice-hearing narratives that we know about.

This initiative is support by the generosity of the Hywel Davies Foundation, and will be launched at our Intervoice Day in Paris. 

If you want to find out more about Intervoice-the-charity, see:

If you would like to support Intervoice by becoming a member of the charity, see:
They Heard Voices, by Jonathan Balazs

This is the trailer of a documentary film that explores human diversity,  the hearing voices (HV) movement, chronic psychosis and the schizophrenia label. See:

Crazy…or wise? The traditional wisdom of indigenous people often contradicts Western views about a mental health crisis. The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what we can learn from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience. See:
Healing Voices

A feature length documentary exploring experiences commonly labelled as "psychosis" or "mental illness" through the real life stories of individuals who are working to overcome extreme mental states and integrate these experiences into their lives in meaningful ways. See:
Finally, we are glad to announce that the next World Hearing Voices Congress will take place in Boston (US) from 16-18 August. We are grateful to HVN USA for taking on this huge task, and looking forward to seeing what we create together.

See: for more information.
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