A quick update sharing the latest news about World Hearing Voices Day 2013.
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Happy World Hearing Voices Day 

On behalf of the Intervoice Board, I'm happy to wish you all a wonderful World Hearing Voices Day. If you'd like to take part in the action, do help us by circulating the Open Letter to Allen Frances and/or the social media images below. Whilst World Hearing Voices Day only happens once a year, we welcome your support and contributions at all times. Please pledge your support to our ambitious 'One of a Million' campaign, become a voting member of Intervoice and/or spread the word amongst your family and friends.

I'd also like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken part in World Hearing Voices Day today, either by attending/hosting an event or using the day to raise awareness about the diversity of voice-hearing experiences.

Best wishes

Open Letter to Prof. Allen Frances 

INTERVOICE has sent an open letter to Allen Frances, Professor Emeritus at Duke University, about an article he published in the Huffington Post entitled Psychiatry and Recovery: Finding Common Ground and Joining Forces.

Professor Frances is an influential American psychiatrist best known for chairing the task force that produced the fourth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) and for his more recent critiques of the current version, DSM-5.

His article was written in reaction to an Op-Ed by Eleanor Longden, an INTERVOICE board member, published in the Huffington Post entitled Why I Thank the Voices in My Head. This article followed up the very well-received video of Eleanor’s TED talk about her experience of hearing voices. Within a month of being posted online, the video of her speech has been viewed on the TED website over 780,000 times and on YouTube a further 58,000 times.

This open letter addresses the points of concern we have about his article and seeks to initiate a dialogue, both with Professor Frances, and others who are concerned and disheartened about the direction that psychiatry is taking.

We have over 140 signatories.

Please help us raise awareness by reading and sharing this letter with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Join Our Social Media Campaign 

Today, we launched a postcard campaign sharing quotes from people who hear voices to help raise awareness of the issue. So far we have six postcards, but by the end of the week we hope to have many more. In the coming months we'll be launching a you tube campaign that shares short video clips from people who hear voices and their allies. We'll give you more information on that when we're ready to start accepting contributions.

You can download the image files by clicking: here 


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