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Greetings devoted followers of B Media it's email update time once more. We know it's been a while since we last filled you in, that's because we were too busy doing awesome things to bother writing an update.  However, there are a couple events coming up that we think you need should know about, and we figured it would probably be a good idea to tell you what the awesome things we've done are.

December 10th from 1-3 PM at Cinema 21 616 NW 21st Ave

For the second year we will be partnering with Sisters of the Road in the Street Stories Film Festival with three submissions to contribute.

From individual lives to the systemic causes of homelessness and poverty, the Street Stories Film Festival examines the many sides of these community issues. The festival is free and open to all people, regardless of housing or economic status.

December 17th from 1-3:30 PM at Lutheran Family Services 605 S.E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd

We are proud to announce the screening of our film produced with the local Bhutanese refugee community Building Cultural Bridges.  It's the culmination of almost a year of community meetings, trainings and shoots and we hope the finished product contiunes on to become a useful guide for newly arriving refugees.

Building Cultural Bridges is a community-led project to make a film about the experience of coming to America. The film has been made in part by Bhutanese youth who went through a series of media trainings with B Media Collective and Portland Community Media and identifies issues they identify as important to newcomers to America.

Updates: The last time we talked it was two days before Occupy Portland started. A mere two months later the landscape of social justice movements has dramatically shifted locallly, nationally and around the world and a whole new world of possibilities has seemingly opened up. We've seen things happen in a matter of days that many thought we may never see in our lifetimes. Hundreds of encampments with tens of thouands of participants springing up in every corner of the US and the world, the first city-wide general strike in the US since 1946 in Oakland, the spread of directly democratic assemblies as a movement wide desicion making structure, student strikes, along with emerging campaigns to occupy and/or defend foreclosed properties and organizing only the second shut down of all major West Coast ports since 1934. All this swirling around this nebulous constellation of struggles, organizations and individuals we call Occupy.

B Media has been deeply inspired by what has unfolded since 100 people decided to spend the night in Zuccotti Park on September 17th, and have done our best do document as much of the unfolding movement as we can. In Portlqnd we have documented some of the seminal moments of Occupy Portland including videos covering the march of 10,000 on October 6th, the amazing process of of how the huge encampment took shape in the first few days, the eviction defense night where thousands came to defend the encampment, and the N17 day of action to Occupy the Banks. In addition to material from Portland two our members collected extensive footage at various Occupys while on an East Coast tour during November including, DC, Philadelphia, Providence and Occupy Wall Street only a couple of days after it was evicted. All this footage will be used for our next Variety Show entitled Occupation Nation, which we are begining the editing process on now. It will be part news report of movement highlights, along with weaving in some of the historical and philosophical inplications we feel Occupy has for the struggle for global liberation.                                                                                                 

OK talking a lot about Occupy, but here's one more tidbit. In October B Media was one of the driving forces in the formation of the Occupy Portland Media Coalition, a collection of video makers coming together for the purpose of documenting Occupy PDX as well as conduct media based trainings and hold a thrice weekly People's Cinema movie night while the encampment was going. OPMC has prodeuced over a hundred videos and has a Youtube following of about 1,200 people. Things have been a little in flux since the camp ended but we look forward to continuing this OP working group and maybe use it to build ties with other media makers throughout Cascadia.         

Workshops/Trainings: As mentioned before we completed our first long distance tour during November with two of our members visiting the Northeast corridor conducting media workshops and public screenings at colleges and radical community spaces in cities such as DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Providence and more. The events reportedly were met with great enthusiasum by those who attended and they expressed that they learned some important skills and concepts. For a first endevour like this we felt it went very well. While two of us were exploring the East Coast our other two core members held a couple of events here in the Great Northwest at Lewis and Clark here in Portland and the U of O in Eugene where we held a public screening of the film Eco-Warriors in collaboration with the Survival Center and Oregon Jericho along with our environmentally themed Variety Show Earth Day Inc.

We're looking forward to doing more tours in 2012 and though the plans are a little nebulous now we have a couple of general ideas of doing down the West Coast to the Southwest when the weather is really gross here, and possibly going to the Midwest around the time that the G8 will be in Chicago in May.

Donar Program

We feel like we are reaching an exciting juncture with B Media, we have produced a large and varied portfolio of social justice video material, conducted a participatory film project with a local immgrant community, have been making extensive connections with other radical media makers on a national level and feel as if we are starting to be recognized for the work we've done.  

The next step is to build a base of supporters so that we can continue to take this work in the direction we think is possible. In order to make the project sustainable we're looking to expand our network of monthly financial sustainers, people who make a monthly pledge of $3-$25 to help us keep doing the work we love. We will be reaching out individually to people we feel may be interested in supporting us, but just to give a heads up to everyone this is the basic framwork for what we can offer people who pledge at various levels. You can also visit our website and hit the "Support Us" button

$5 -- A silkscreened B Media patch and wacky holiday video card!

$10 -- A free copy of any of our videos (Variety Show, Bhutan Project, Occupation Nation, Art and Resistance) a silkscreened B Media patch and wacky holiday video card!

$15 -- Two free copies of any of our videos (Variety Show, Bhutan Project, Occupation Nation, Art and Resistance) plus a silkscreened B Media patch and wacky holiday video card!

$20 -- The Full Art and Resistance film series or one free pass to a B Media skillshare (basic camera skills, effectively using the internet and social media, video editing,  photoshop, or making a political remix video) and a silkscreened B Media patch and wacky holiday video card!

$25 -- The Full Art and Resistance film series and our Variety Show DVD or 2 free passes to a B Media skill share (basic camera skills, effectively using the internet and social media, video editing, photoshop, or making a political remix video)and a silkscreened B Media patch and wacky holiday video card!

Before we embarked on our journey to the East Coast we did the first mass prodcution of our Variety Shows and Art and Resistance DVDs with help from local artists such as radical printmakers Radix Media, graphic designer Colin Lawler and screenprinter Kenny Ray who graciously either donated or gave drastically reduced cost labor to make the new super sleek covers possible.

If you're interested you can visit our website to order the first four Variety Shows on one DVD or any of the three Art and Resistance films Tiuna el Fuerte:Rvolutionizing the Revolution, Armados con Arte or Underground Culture. So if you do that whole holiday thing think of picking up one of those DVDs for someone you think might be interested. The Art and Resistance installments are $5 each and the Variety DVD is $7.

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