Spring Community News + Video Releases: Fluoride, New Remix Class, Housing Justice, Experimental Film Festival, Immigration Reform.

Experimental Film Festival--Fluoride/Hitler-- Open Engagement Conference--Wage Theft--Home Defenders--Remix Class at PCM--Immigrant Rights Tour--Juvenile Prison Reform

Exquisite Corpse Remix Game @ EFF Portland May 20-26

BMC is curating a participatory video remix game during the EFF Portland Experimental Film Festival. Have your work screened at the Clinton Street Theatre if you  take on the remix challenge and help build a Portland wide visual exquisite corpse.  Watch a  promo explaining the game now.

WATCH: (short doc) "Home Defenders"

 BMC collaborated with We Are Oregon to make a short documentary on housing defenders working for housing justice in Portland. Watch the short.

BMC is Featured Artist @
Open Engagement Conference
May 18th

B Media is hosting a workshop on Media in Context this Saturday from 3-4:30 pm at the Open Engagement Conference, an international conference that sets out to explore various perspectives on art and social practice and expand the dialogue around socially engaged art making. Check out the full schedule here.

WATCH: (parody)
Hitler Votes on Fluoride

The Willamette Week, Portland's coolest paper, picked up B Media's latest video weighing in on the fluoride debate. Watch the parody.

Media Mash Up Class @ PCM June 5th-June 22nd

BMC is teaching a remix course at Portland Community Media this June. Participants will learn to tell stories using found footage, including how to manipulate images and sounds, and juxtapose content. Topics covered include editing with Final Cut Pro 7, utilizing video archives, culture jamming, media literacy, and creative commons law.  Reserve your spot in the class now!

May Day + Wage Theft    + We Deserve Better

B Media recently collaborated with a variety of local groups to get the word out about what they do. Check out how to avoid wage theft with the Portland Solidarity Alliance, a promo video for the May Day Coalition, and an informational short for the Partnership for Safety and Justice on juveniles being charged as adults in the prison system. Watch the PSAs via links above.
This is Wage Theft and other videos

Reportback: March for One Oregon Immigrant Rights Tour

This past March, BMC member Tim Rice documented the historic week-long tour around the Northwest demanding immigration reform. The nationally coordinated effort went through rural parts of Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Washington, and was organized by PCUN, Causa and the Rural Organizing Project.  Check out his reflections here.
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