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John's Journey for Jesus Christ's glory
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September 2012 Central African Republic EMI Team

Transformation in Central African Republic

Last month, I led a team (photo above) of architects, engineers, and surveyors into the interior of Africa to work with Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (BEST). We were blessed to meet students and staff from most Francophone African countries including Cameroon, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Senegal. BEST has trained generations of leaders from these countries over the past 35 years, and they are looking forward to further trasforming society by growing their education programs. The EMI team surveyed and provided master planning expertise for the 12-acre site. While our team was fully American, two members joined from EMI's East Africa office. It was a joy to lead such talented professionals and to bless BEST by drawing their vision on paper.

The president, Dr. Nupanga was so impressed with the master plan presentation that he compared himself to Simeon after seeing the Messiah (Luke 2:22-35), saying that he had great peace with how the Lord has used him to direct the school. We are honored to be a part of this vision to train pastors, leaders, teachers, and youth. Visit to watch a video from our time in Bangui.
Construction Workers in C.A.R.
Construction workers at FATEB

Please pray for the Lord to guide BEST as they construct new buildings and invest in the lives of future leaders. EMI will be continuing to partner with them to provide expertise on campus planning and design.
EMI Team in Guinea with hospital director

Hope and Healing in Guinea

Earlier in September, I met a team (photo above) in Guinea led from our UK office. Mercy Ships requested that EMI assess a government hospital on the Conakry peninsula near where their ship is docked. I was blessed to work with an outstanding engineering assessment team and to connect a bit with maintenance staff at the local hospital.
Boarding Mercy Ship in Guinea
EMI Team boarding the Africa Mercy hospital ship

My time with this team staying on the Africa Mercy ship helped me grow in understanding of Mercy Ship's core ministry: a specialized surgical hospital. Through surgery and recovery, Mercy Ships workers offer hope and love to those who are outcasts from society because of physical deformities. Spending time in the ship's hospital wards was an incredible opportunity to show Guinean and Sierra Leonian men, women, and children how much God values them.
Boy in Central African Republic

Looking Ahead: West & East Africa

My relationship with Jane has come to an end, yet I desire to live in and minister in West Africa. The way forward personally and with EMI is not abundantly clear, but I trust God for healing and to lead me step by step. Praise God for one couple who is joining staff with our East Africa office next year intending to be a part of the West Africa office team in the future.

Partnering with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone at government hospitals is still a possibility, maybe as early as next August/September. Before then, I have planned a gathering for those of you in the Denver area next month, a visit to Ghana and Uganda, possibly climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with our East Africa office in January, and co-leading a short-term trip to East Asia with my Colorado Springs church next summer. My tentative schedule is outlined below.
  • November 10, 2012 @ 6pm: Appreciation and Update Dinner at Grace Fellowship of Lakewood (Reply to if you would like to attend.)
  • November 2012: Visit to Ghana and EMI East Africa office (Uganda)
  • January 2013: Possible Mount Kilimanjaro climb with East Africa office as office fundraiser
  • February-May 2013: Civil engineering project support from USA office and partner development for West Africa
  • June 2013: Lead EMI project trip to West Africa
  • Summer 2013: Co-lead short-term church team to East Asia
  • Autumn 2013: Possible launch with Mercy Ships hospital projects in Sierra Leone or potential return project to Central African Republic
Thank you for faithfully pouring into my life through prayer and resources to share in the joy of this work!

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  • EMI director's conference this week: Pray for leadership to have wisdom from above (James 3:17)
  • Praise God for small steps toward EMI's West Africa office and for an opportunity to spend time in Ghana next month
  • Praise God for continued connections with people & ministries in West Africa
  • For my heart to heal as Jane and I decided to no longer consider marriage
  • Praise God for the teams that EMI mobilized around the world this season, and pray for the work to finalize designs by December

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