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Here's my most recent update. I pray that God is showering you with increased knowledge of Jesus.
Update from John Agee with Engineering Ministries International
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Partnering with Heritage Christian University in Ghana

Thank you for committing to cover the team in prayer throughout the upcoming trip to Ghana! Two EMI interns and I fly to Accra, the capital of Ghana, on October 1. We will spend one week around Accra meeting with ministries, design professionals, and university students, sharing about EMI. Then we meet our design team for the campus master planning project with Heritage Christian University. We will work on the project until October 20, after which the team return to their homes in both Ghana and the U.S. The interns and I remain in Ghana for a wedding on October 22, and we fly home on October 23. Please pray that God guides our actions and words by the power of His Spirit so that life through Jesus flows from us.
Join us in praying:
  • That God is glorified through this trip in attitude, word, & deed as we worship Him through this trip
  • That the design team would bond well and work well together in Ghana, sharing Christ's love & gospel
  • For ingenuity and flexibility as we design with local, sustainable criteria in mind, and that the community would be involved and have a voice in this project
  • That the Holy Spirit will work mightily in the hearts of the team and the people He places around us
  • That God would protect the team spiritually and physically
  • For Christ to shine through us as we meet with key officials, builders, and ministry partners
  • That God enables us to work effectively and efficiently in the programming and master planning, and engineering site design (civil and electrical)
  • That the team and I would be sensitive to and follow the Holy Spirit's leading, not just our agenda
  • For team members' ministry time to be an encouragement in their faith and trust in Jesus, that He would be more loved and worshipped
  • That God will continue to provide vision & direction to Heritage Christian University for this project
  • For a decisive break from all bondages, and that true liberty in Jesus be found
  • That local Ghanaian people & leaders would sense the love of Christ through this short-term team and the long-term education ministry
  • For God to use this site to draw more Ga, Akan, Dangme, Ewe, and other peoples in the Greater Accra region and throughout Ghana to Himself
  • For Ghanaian believers to demonstrate a love for and unity with others that transcends divisions
  • Praise God for recent increased worship of Jesus in Ghana
  • For vision & leading in my meetings and investigation in Ghana for EMI's future in West Africa, particularly at technical universities on this trip
  • That more Ghanaian design professionals would take interest in serving the poor and praising Jesus through their professions

Praise God for Jane's Passport

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement as Jane and I wait on the Lord for His plans and His timing in our relationship! Over the distance, God continues to grow us closer, giving us patience and increased faith in His good purpose. We plan to meet in Accra for a Ghanaian wedding next month, and God supplied a passport for Jane so that she now has an official photo ID to enter Ghana. Please pray for her first trip out of her home country and that God would bless our day together in Ghana. While this will be a short time to visit, we are trusting God for another time to meet.

We had thought that Jane would be able to visit the U.S. over her long break in November and December, but the next U.S. visa interview appointment in Nigeria is in March 2012. While we wait for that appointment, we appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment in possibly planning to meet again in Ghana sometime between November and January for more than one day together. Jane is also considering transferring to a university in either Ghana or the U.S., so please join us in praying for God's direction and guidance in the decisions ahead. We look forward to sharing more life together and to committing our lives as one to follow where our Father leads!
Grace and Peace in Jesus,

John Agee
Engineering Ministries International

Climbing High with EMI Interns

A couple weeks ago, most of the EMI Colorado Springs interns and I embarked on a journey up Pikes Peak, the 14,110-foot-high mountain that overlooks the city. The Lord reminds me to trust His strength and presence continually, especially with each step hundreds of feet above where trees can grow. I praise Him for ability and opportunity to enjoy creation in this way, and I encourage you to seek the Lord and His presence continually. Just as Israel sang to the Lord in 1 Chronicles 16 after David pitched a tent for the ark of God, rejoice in the Lord and remember His works. He is faithful to act on behalf of those who trust Him, and He is most worthy to be praised. Set your mind on His greatness and the One who is Lord of all.

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Prayer Requests

  • New Partners to Cover $100/mo. Financial Need
  • That God would raise up a team and financial partners for EMI's West Africa office
  • Praise God for continued connections with people & ministries in West Africa
  • For my time meeting with Ghanaian design professionals and university students next month
  • For Jane & my relationship to grow and for God's provision for her and her family in Nigeria
  • Praise God for the teams EMI is mobilizing around the world this season to Sierra Leone, Ghana, North Africa, Middle East, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, India, Thailand, Guatemala, Haiti, and Dominican Republic

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