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TAB Invites Companies to Collaborate On The Future of Out of Home Measurement

In an effort to be proactive in the face of an evolving media landscape, TAB has announced it will be issuing an RFP in January inviting research companies, big data suppliers, and database/platform providers to work with TAB in developing the next generation of research capabilities for the out of home industry. TAB is currently accepting statements of interest from organizations that may fall into any of the applicable categories.

“As the advertising ecosystem changes, we recognize the need to explore all of the options available to help connect OOH and its data to this new world of advertising,” said Nancy Fletcher, Interim CEO of TAB, and President & CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). â€œThe TAB Board of Directors, along with Sequent Partners, is already hard at work developing a plan to help meet these new challenges and move our industry forward.”

TAB's Board of Directors recently commissioned consulting firm Sequent Partners to work with the Board and a special TAB Leaders Task Force to assess its options and set the course for the future of OOH measurement. There are several areas in which new solutions are of interest:

  1. Improved information about people who travel past OOH formats on roadways and other venues throughout the United States.
  2. Expanding the measurement to non-measured OOH formats, as appropriate.
  3. An ROI connection that brings “point of sale” or other proximity marketing information (relevant to advertisers) into the system.
  4. Improved connectivity of buyers and sellers, planners and buyers, and other connections in the advertising community that facilitate the consideration and buying of OOH media through analytics and platforms.
  5. Integration of OOH ratings into respected syndicated media databases, and other multimedia systems, to show how OOH works in the media mix.

Over a decade ago, TAB worked with leading research companies to develop what is now TAB Out of Home Ratings, which measure audiences for over 400,000 units of roadside OOH formats. This year, TAB introduced ratings for over 1.5 million ads in various transit venues, as well as spot ratings for digital OOH formats. The expansion to time-based digital OOH formats required the incorporation of INRIX speed data, representing TAB’s first foray into big data solutions. Today, TAB Out of Home Ratings are the official currency for buying and selling OOH media.

The employees of TAB send you best wishes for Happy Holidays. Keeping TABs will return with weekly updates on January 8, 2015.

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