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Support Opportunities from TAB

Earlier this week TAB held a very informative webinar called, “TAB Out of Home Ratings for Transit”. The webinar was delivered by Enza Chiodi of Smart Media and explained how Transit Ratings were developed and began a discussion about what is necessary for a successful transition to using these new ratings.

The webinar is now available on TAB’s YouTube channel at The presentation deck, with script, is available here and will also be available on TAB’s website in the next few days.

This webinar is only part of the various training and educational support opportunities available to TAB members to aid in their adoption of Out of Home Ratings. Let’s take a broader look at what training and educational support is available right now from TAB:
  • OOH Professional Training Curriculum - Developed in conjunction with the OAAA, this comprehensive training series covers everything from ratings basics to translating client objectives. It has separate buyer and seller tracks and was developed in a modular format allowing for flexibility relative to different learning needs. It addition to allowing the user to go through the material at their own pace, it is also set up in such a way that your own facilitator can deliver the material. It is only available to members and can be accessed at
  • Webinars and Videos- TAB has conducted a wide variety of training webinars on subjects ranging from ratings basics to conversations with clients, all of which are archived at TAB also has several videos available including an Introduction to OOH Ratings, several instructional videos and speaker videos from the 2014 TAB/OAAA OOH Media Conference & Marketing Expo. These are available on TAB’s YouTube page at TABOnlineNYC .
  • Collateral support- TAB has a series of one-sheets, written for the layman, describing the major components of the ratings research, including transit and digital. We are beginning work on a new series focusing on the practical application of the metrics and will let you know once they are available. You can access our current inventory of collaterals at
  •  Individual or group webinars and training- TAB staff is available for individual or group training on TAB systems such as ADS, ratings basics and much more.  Please contact for more information.
TAB, in conjunction with the OAAA, is hard at work on training and education plans for 2015. Please check future Keeping TABs for updates.

As Out of Home Ratings take hold and begin to change the way our industry does business, it is your responsibility to learn how to get the most out of Out of Home Ratings. We want you to know that TAB is here to help.
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