Come down to Vancouver BMW DUCATI to get the information on the various training & track organizations that are in and around Vancouver.  Up your skillset and be a better and safer rider!
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Increase your skills
Be a better rider
Avoid the close calls
Ever wanted to track your bike?

This is for ALL types of riders - tour/dual sport/urban/sport

 WMRC Website Pacific Riding School Website  
West Coast Superbike School Website Pitt Meadows Track Days Website

We've brought together 4 of Vancouver mainland's organizations to help provide that experience and training you are looking for.

Come down to Vancouver BMW DUCATI on Feb 7 at 7 pm for

Training & Track Information Night!

(Snacks and refreshments provided)
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Location:  Vancouver BMW Ducati, 3061 Grandview Highway
Date:         February 7, 2013 (Thursday)
Time:        7 pm to 9 pm

Please sign up for the course so that we have an idea of how many people will be attending.  Thanks!

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Why take training? 

Training enhances the skills that we've already learned, it helps rid us of those bad habits that we've acquired over time, and makes us understand better the limitations of the machine.  Often our minds limit us to a great degree on what motorcycles can do, its only through training and better understanding can we gain the skills to be better riders and keep us safe on the roads when we encounter surprising and unexpected situations.

One of our good customers has taken Keith Code Riding School down in California seven (7) times over the years.  I was shocked and asked him why?  His comment was that he lost some of those skills he had previously learned, it was a great refresher, and was able to pick up new techniques and understand the bikes limitations moreso every time he experienced the school.  His recommendation is that given the risks of riding motorcycle in today's urban jungle, people should be looking at taking some form of training every year!


Our Presenters

Pacific Riding School is one of lower mainland's premiere Rider Training Schools that provide a very unique training program to anyone wanting to survive the Urban Jungle that we ride in and around Vancouver.  This training is great for the new rider, but is also useful for those that have not been on the road for many years or have never really had any formal training.  The skillset that you learn will help save your life. 
      ... "The instructors gave me the skills and ability to handle the bike, taught me to anticipate dangers on the road, and gave me those fundamental skills to stay safe while riding" (testimonial from their site)

Pitt Meadows Track Days is way more than just doing a track day.  They provide a safe and dedicated area with "no walls" and a fun course where you can learn precise throttle control, smooth acceleration, shifting, hard braking, and improved cornering skills through sighting, weight shift and line selection so you can become a more skilled rider.
     ... "Great Day! Thanks to Nancy, Randy, Spero, etc for making this event perfect. The new layout is fantastic (even with Randy's decreasing radius extravaganza!). The extra room really makes it a track. Lots of different areas to work on skills and some good passing opportunities" (testimonial from their site)

West Coast Superbike School provides an exceptional advanced rider training program and a race program. 
The Advanced Rider Training program was designed to provide people with a greater skillset of riding abilities to help combat the Urban Jungle.  Whether it's new riders or riders who are in need of a tune up, this is a great program to provide more confidence and understanding of what the motorcycle and you can do.
The Race Training Course takes people to that next level for those interested in tracking their bikes.  Again, regardless of whether you wish to track your bike, this program can help build your skillset for the road experience.
WCSS has a number of Track Days for 2013 that people can sign up for.

WMRC provides an opportunity for those wanting to explore tracking their motorcycles.  If you are new to the track and uncertain of the experience, there is a Taste of Racing at many of the track days held and they hold different levels for the beginners who want to explore the tracking of their motorcycles to get the ultimate rush!

Course & Track Day Registrations will be Available

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.  Make sure to bring your friends!

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