Dyno Day - Vancouver BMW DUCATI July 20th - Book Your Spot Now
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Dyno Dayz are Here!

Saturday, July 20th 10 am to 3 pm - MUST REGISTER

Ever wonder what the horsepower is of your motorcycle truly is? 

Have you done upgrades to your bike?  New Exhaust? Power Commander? Or just curious what your stock bike is running for horsepower compared to what the manufacturer says it is?

Now is your chance to see what your bike can output at the tire!

Prizes, BBQ, come down and enjoy the fun and check out the tricked bikes!  Even if you aren't throwing your bike on a Dyno, it will still be a great day to come down to the store.

$35 to do a Dyno run (Horsepower only)
Spend $50 at the store that day and your Dyno run is Free!



What does a Dyno Do?

A Dynamometer is designed to help measure horsepower, torque and if connected to the appropriate machine can be used to help tweek the air fuel mixture to optimize performance.

The horsepower is measured at the wheel, hence the terminology "wheel horsepower" which is often less than the manufacture quoted horsepower, typically measured at the flywheel.  There is loss of horsepower from the flywheel to the wheel via the drive train system on any vehicle. 

If you have modified your bike, by say adding a performance exhaust system, the computer chip explaining how much fuel needs to be injected should change due to the new conditions.  A Dyno helps determine what the best settings are to make your ride experience the best!
What You Get At Our Dyno Day?

This dyno run will give you Wheel Horsepower only.  We will compare your wheel horsepower with the manufacturer's horsepower rating at the flywheel. 

You may wish to have further Dyno work done to your motorcycle.  You will learn a lot by talking to Graham, who owns the Dyno, as to the benefits of having a Dyno done to your motorcycle.  He will be able to tell you if there will be a significant benefit of doing a full Dyno run with torque and air fuel mixture readings.

To do a full run it costs $80 and would need to be done outside of this Dyno Day.  You can contact Graham at or call him at 604-889-0775 for additional information.
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