SBA Services - TSA Screening Options - May 2016
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Core Services Update: TSA Security Options

  • Is Private Security Screening Right for Your Airport? Our primer on TSA security screening options—and how to apply to the FAA to replace TSA personnel with private vendors—was recently recommended by the "Airport Policy and Security News" newsletter (see below). This recommendation comes as reports of TSA screening delays escalate at major airports and are anticipated nationwide for summer travel, and more airports consider switching to private security vendors by applying to the TSA's "Screening Partnership Program." 
  • Let SBA Help You Decide. SBA can help you decide whether replacing TSA personnel with private security vendors is a viable option. We can conduct an independent assessment of TSA performance at your airport to see if you are being well served by your current security configuration. SBA has a strong track record of investigating and analyzing security operations and passenger flow to create reports that would support a recommendation for change to a private vendor when the facts warrant it. 

Are you being underserved by TSA?
Could you be better served by a private contractor? 


SBA understands that TSA security screening is an important topic this year, with NYC airports announcing that "the patience of the flying public has reached a breaking point" and hashtags such as #iHateTheWait trending on social media. Many airports are rethinking their security configurations in light of long passenger lines, missed flights, and customer complaints.

At SBA, we can perform independent, non-partisan reviews and assessments of the quality of services of TSA at your airport, and whether TSA performances are above or below average. We remain impartial in our analysis, focusing on policy, and only advocating for a change in security screenings based on objective evidence at the individual airport. 

Our "TSA Security Options" White Paper Recommended

"Options to TSA Security: Is Private Security Screening Right for Your Airport?" (February 2016)

Our white paper on TSA security screening options, released in February, received a strong recommendation from "Airport Policy and Security News" in their newsletter #110, released 03/08/16 in an article entitled, "Screening Woes May Spark Outsourcing." The article reprints a section from our conclusion and notes, "Any airport considering opting out of screening by the TSA should obtain and read the report." The full article and recommendation can be read here.

The article, in part, noted:
  • "Major airports have been reluctant, politically, to 'kick out the TSA,' which is also their security regulator. But that could well be changing under today's deteriorating screening performance at large airports. Helping make the case for [the Screening Program Partnership] as a realistic alternative for airports is a new white paper from airport management consultants Steven Baldwin Associates, 'Options to TSA Security: Is Private Security Screening Right for Your Airport?' It provides a primer on the program and how it works, including a list of the 21 airports currently in the program and a list of 22 TSA Qualified Vendors. Also included are case studies of airport experiences with the program."

The downloadable PDF (4.6MB) of our TSA report is available directly from our website by clicking here.


This recommendation for our White Paper comes at a time when many news media outlets are highlighting the ongoing and increasing issues with TSA staffing and delays, frequently causing long waiting lines and missed flights at airports around the country. 

With the summer rush of increased air traffic quickly approaching, perhaps your airport could benefit from looking into and applying for the TSA's Screening Partnership Program.

Begin your exploration by downloading our White Paper and then contact us for further help in analyzing your particular situation at 518-478-6321 or

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