, dude.
amanda visell x switcheroo
Hey its the Muppet show! Wonka! My Melody. Its the next round of wood idols. Find your favorite and lets all tell the big box stores to shove it, we're buying art this year.
If youre new, each wood idol as a one of a kind sculpture in a custom hand painted box. Go get em here.

Also heads up, it would be amazing if we could make it a small business holiday. Supporting us is great but also heres a small list of some of my favorite peeps you can get art from. Lets all support eachother!
Becky and Frank via Tiny Kitten Teeth
Bwana Spoons and his Grass Hut
Q pop shop
Timothy Biskup
Poster Child Prints


Our mailing address is:
543 b south raymond. pasadena ca 91105