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Dear <<First Name>>, Each week, we are amazed at our blessings.  God is faithful not only in leading us into ministries but also in providing the resources and/or partnerships to accomplish his purposes. We are thankful for the many donors he is using, so that people will come to know his love for them. We want to share with you some recent examples from November.
Over the past three weeks, we have received more than 12,000 pounds of bananas from local suppliers and have been able to bless many programs. We've also received several sacks of rice from local donors and have been buying rice from funds given by other donors. An average of 20 sacks per month is given to strategic feeding programs or orphanages, but more is needed. Due to the favorable exchange rate, a 50 kilo sack of rice can be purchased for 40 dollars. We regularly help with items such as bananas, vegetables, rice and clothing -- for sites such as the Haven of Hope Orphanage, the Davao School for the Blind, the Balay Pasilungan and Balay Dangpanan. We are blessed to have the L300 delivery vehicle to collect and distribute these items.

In November, God brought to us 14 more children needing life changing surgeries, mostly from rural areas. Many of the surgeries we facilitate require six or more trips to and from Davao City, so there is always a balancing of existing and new cases which are being handled each week. The average cost for SOD Ministries is $100 USD per child to cover co-payments, supplies, medicines, laboratory tests, paperwork filings for birth records, etc. The actual surgeries are performed by partner hospitals such as Tebow/Cure and the Southern Philippines Regional Medical Center. We are grateful for the many donors who are helping to fund this program.

In November, we were able to start three more small library programs in rural areas and add books to several of the 80 existing sites, thanks to the ongoing donation of books from Rotary and SOD donors.

Donations were received in November for Christmas outreaches at several sites.  We are blessed to be able to bring the joy of Jesus to several locations in December.

More boats and putput bicycle taxis are going into service. We received two more boats and ordered five additional boats in November. We also put another putput bicycle into service for a family. We are approaching 80 families who now have sustainable livelihood and can regularly feed and care for their families.  

This week, we received the first delivery of Bibles from a new grant (will be 6,000 copies all-in-all). They are being shipped to three islands - Cebu, Leyte and Mindanao and are targeted for new followers of Jesus. We are very grateful to the USA based foundation which is supplying the Bibles in Cebuano, Tagalog and English languages. It is so exciting to see a new believer receive their first Bible!

One of the most common and legitimate questions I receive when I share about Seeds of Dignity Ministries while in the USA, is regarding administrative expenses or overhead. We are a unique organization in that we are volunteers and have no USA based employees.  As far as our USA "office" or operations, we work out of our homes. We pay for our own travel to and from the Philippines. For our family, we pay for our own living expenses in the Philippines and draw no salary or stipend. We have some expenses for CPA/auditing services and for the rental of a small storage unit in the USA. These expenses are covered by donations from our USA board members.

As an organization, we make a commitment that 100% of all donations arrive in the Philippines at 100% of their value and are used solely for ministry purposes. We do have Filipino staff members and support Filipino pastors and missionaries who are involved in the ministries. While we are not a large organization, we try to leverage the resources God gives to us through partnerships. Our estimated revenue from USA donors for in-kind and financial gifts in 2016 will be less than $200,000 USD, including grants awarded to SOD. Our accounts are also audited in the Philippines by a government certified CPA and we operate in full compliance with the Philippine laws regarding non-profit organizations. 

Always grateful for your prayers and support. 

All for God's Glory,

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.
Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Mindanao, Inc.

Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) approved not-for-profit organization.  All donations from USA donors are eligible for a tax deduction.

Donations can be made through our website, www.seedsofdignityministries.com  
or by sending a donation to Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.  17076 Carriage Road, Sonora, CA 95370.   
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