As the year ends, we reflect on what God has done
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A very full year of ministry with our partners

Dear <<First Name>>, we are a very small organization with a vision of bringing like-minded groups together to form service-based partnerships. We have so many outstanding partners with whom we are privileged to work.

I want to review of some of our major projects this year and explain how the different partnerships are functioning. Of course, none of this would be possible without God being in the middle of all of this and answering to the prayers of many people. We are pleased to be His partner in ministry. We also could not do this with out having partners who help us with finances and who provide many other resources in the form of in-kind donations and services.

We have local donors who give us bananas each week (mainly Banana Brothers). We have a foundation (Greater Good) who provides the fuel and labor costs to pick up and deliver the bananas. We have 20+ recipient partners, depending on the load size, who use the bananas for their feeding programs. That's a banana a day for an average 600 recipients, mostly children, all of whom are fed by these organizations.

We receive donations for purchasing rice and also have some in-kind donors here. The rice goes mainly to the Haven of Hope Orphanage (17 kids + staff), to the Balay Pasilungan tribal home (65 kids), to the Marilog High School of Agriculture feeding program (125 students) and to the Balay Dangpanan Tribal home for medical needs (60 recipients). For all of these programs, we are the primary source of rice. Again, the actual feeding is done by other organizations, we just provide resources. This adds to 240 sacks of rice a year (110 pounds per sack). The Marilog HS of Agriculture program also receives donated  Manna Packs from a local Kiwanis Club for the feeding program, facilitated by Peter Daday of SOD Ministries. 

We buy wholesale priced vegetables each week and receive some donations as well. These are going to supplement food needs at two sites - at the Balay Dangpanan (60 recipients)  and Davao School for the Blind (for 52 students + staff). We have designated donations for Braille paper for the Blind School and work in partnership with four churches who rotate the services each Sunday at the Blind School. On Fridays, we now supply a jujitsu teacher for them, who also is a local missionary.  

The pumpboat and potpot projects in Leyte are being managed by Pastor Jonas and Disserie Lisbe. With these projects, 50 families are receiving the opportunity for long-term income. Our major partners on the projects are the Trinity Faith Baptist Satellite Churches, Global Impact, church members of Sierra Bible in California and many people who donated funds in memory of Alex Morton to purchase boats. 100% of the boats and potpots remain in operation with maintenance fees being paid according to the schedule.

Along with providing funding for 19 of the pumpboats, Global Impact is also allowing us to partner with them on several camps related to anti-human trafficking. They have also helped us with Christmas parties this year both in staffing and funding. A great organization to work along side.

We continue to work with BSF Philippines on projects providing clean and safe water. Many of these are due to our relationship with Rotary. Along with water filter and EcoSan toilet projects, we have completed a washing station with BSF and RC Pag-Asa at the Datu Salumay Elementary School. This year, we also received water filters in Leyte and have installed filters recently in Digos, one at the Haven of Hope Orphanage.

The tribal children's home, Balay Pasilungan, continues to function with the help of many partners. Again, Global Impact has been a major donor for food and has helped to do some repairs and improvements at the site. We have involvement from RC Pag-Asa and Kiwanis Hamog Dabaw in providing resources. Books have been given by many from the USA and Canada. Some individual donors have also given targeted donations. The whole project is coordinated by the local Alliance Church with the support of the local barangay. This project operates a bit differently as there are no formal agreements. Sixty-five kids have food and shelter, that is the important thing and they are going to school.  

The small library projects continue to be very productive.  We will commission our 40th site next week. We are losing track on the number of kids that are getting to read books, but certainly is over 4,000 a week now, probably much more than that. Our role is to connect with people in the USA, Canada and Singapore to gather books and send them here, to sort the books once they arrive and find good partners to host the library sites. In January, we will commission a new reading center at a school in Marilog as a partnership project with Rotary.  21,000 books were received and distributed in 2015. An additional computer lab was also put into place in partnership with Care Channels.  A fourth computer lab is in the works.

We continue to be the primary behind the scenes financial supporter for the Transition House in Digos City through the designated donations of several people and some churches. Nine young ladies are now living at the site which is under the leadership of the Haven of Hope Orphanage.  We are receiving some assistance for scholarships now via the Greater Good Foundation. You can follow this project at:

One of our largest ministry partnerships is with CRC/Oikos in the Digos Area. Rather than restating all that is going on, I refer you to their end of year newsletter which talks in great detail about how we help to support their efforts.

Our surgery assistance program is just getting off the ground. Since June, we have been able to help with 10 cases, all life changing situations. We are grateful that God has given us the opportunity to help facilitate surgeries to people mostly from tribal areas. Our goal in 2016, is to assist with 50 cases. The average cost has to date has been about $200, as most of the services are being donated or covered by some social services programs. Our main job is getting them linked up, get their forms completed, providing transportation, some supplies and medicines.  

We have many other projects with ministries here -  VBS programs, Bible distributions (6.000 Bibles distributed this year), livelihood products and are working on some grant projects. We have incoming groups in January, February, April and June, if all goes as planned.  2016 should be another exciting year of working together in partnerships. We feel very blessed to be a part of what God is doing here in the Philippines.

Thanks as always for your prayers and support. We need you as our partners and appreciate your involvement in the ministries. We are God's fellow workers ( see 1 Corinthians 3:9) 

Grateful for the good year God has given to us,

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.
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