Challenges each day, as we are still in a quarantine time but slowly, carefully, we are about 80% now.  We see God has some new strategies, new opportunities.  It seems two steps backwards, one step forward some days.... but doable as God is with us.

June 2020 Photo Update

Dear <<First Name>>,    

God makes a way to help the put-put families and allow for discipleship too. The M-W-F noon meal allows the drivers to carefully gather for food and fellowship. This helps a lot, as many have been eating minimal food during the day, to conserve their income for their families. Thanks for the volunteers and SOD staff who prepare and serve the food and also to the donors who are supporting the costs for the meals. This week, we will dedicate our 65th put-put unit.

Often, we are called in the by the barangay in Palompon to help with the delivery of rice and other items to some of the nearby areas. Thanks Pastor Jonas and the SOD team for helping to share the blessings from the national government to those most in need.

Fishing has been very good for some of the families and now they are able to enter Palompon to sell fish again. The fishermen are very excited to tell their stories and also are appreciative for the larger hooks provided to help them catch these fish. The 104 boats are fishing again. 

In the midst of the pandemic, several of the SOD scholars completed another year of school. This was a challenge as classes moved quickly to online and modular formats. Their detailed stories are found on the SOD Facebook page. As God allows, we hope to continue helping about 100 students in the next school year through several partnerships.

Below is Monique who graduated from Grade 12 from the AMA Computer School in Davao. She is one of the supported students from Davao School for the Blind and now is preparing to go on to college. 

Also shown are some of the sponsored students from the Marilog area who are in college.

Rachel, Angelou and Nolie finished their first year of college.  We are proud of all the students.

The Aplaya Community Center (ACC) has a great relationship with the local government unit (LGU) and is accredited to work on partnership projects in the community. The staff and volunteers are working to provide food assistance to about 100 children, along with the sharing of Bible stories and hygiene information. We will distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste in July.  As schools are cancelled still and Vacation Bible School gatherings are not allowed, these are alternative programs for 2020.

Also in partnership with the LGU, the ACC is holding sewing and gardening classes and sharing a meal together with about 50 mothers (spaced out appropriately). This allows for increased interaction with the community at a time where there are few activities and when food supplies are limited. God is giving favor in opening doors to share the gospel message in words and actions.

We are "Zooming" several times a week across the ocean. We enjoy having times with our staff and the children especially at the REST House with friends on the other side of the world.  Please let me know if you would like to Zoom together. This call was with friends from Missouri.

Sunday worship - Davao, Letye and Sonora, California together!

SOD vehicles are now often in use to take families to/from their surgery appointments at the Tebow Cure Hospital. Hand washing, foot baths, face masks, space separation, disinfection. New processes to learn and implement. We are opening up a temporary off site office near the Tebow Cure Hospital, starting tomorrow, as it has become challenging for SOD staff and drivers to be inside the hospital during COVID times.

We are very encouraged to take the precautionary steps when we see the awesome results of cleft and palate surgeries. Next week, seven more are scheduled for surgeries at the Tebow Cure Hospital.

Answered prayers!!!   Finally, three families have been allowed to go to their homes. These families were staying in Davao at the REST House when the lock down happened in March and people were not allowed to travel between cities and regions. The three families are now in a 14 day quarantine period, two of them at government provided quarantine centers.  One more family remains at the REST House while they are being helped to receive a prosthetic leg. 

Blessed by your prayers and support and we follow the Good Shepherd to lead us in paths of righteousness for his name sake

Peter Cowles for the SOD Board, Staff and Grateful Recipients of your prayers and generosity

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