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April 1, 2015

Dear , in 2014, God gave us a vision for a new project - to create mini-libraries, primarily in rural areas, hosted by partner organizations.  We were given over 10,000 books in 2014, allowing us to develop 12 mini-libraries. When God opens doors, he also provides what is needed and in his perfect timing. 

These libraries are mostly in places where ones did not exist previously. We've placed an average of 400 books at each location. These have been door openers for ministries.  We've also been able to supply books to three existing libraries and to establish a new library for pastors on Leyte Island. We also have given several hundred books to the Davao City Mobile Library Program.

Our host partners are required to have a system that allows for the books to be checked out and taken home, except for reference books.  For many of the children, this is their first opportunity to have a book to read in their home. Two of the sites also have small computer labs, made possible by donations from Care Channels.  A third site is being developed  

We have been amazed at the success of this simple program.  At one site, the nearby school sends children to the library to do research and to use the computers, as they have no facilities for this in their school. Books are often rotated among the sites to keep fresh books in front of the children.  Today, we made a delivery of additional books to a new library. Within minutes, several children appeared to look at the new arrivals.   Books are truly treasured here. 

In 2015, we have a goal of establishing 20 additional small libraries, consisting of 400-500 books each, in addition to adding more books to the existing sites. This is becoming a reality due to generous donors in Singapore from the Read-For-Life Foundation, from book donors in Northern California and Tennessee and especially now from Missouri.  A recent book drive in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, resulted the donation of 12,500+ children's books and several hundred books for pastors. We've placed a value on our accounting system of 25,000 USD ($2/book) for the book donations from Cape Girardeau alone. That is a huge blessing!

Many books from the recent drive have already been sent in shipping boxes at a cost of about 100 USD per box (from Missouri)  and should arrive soon.   A box can hold 300+ children's books or around 150 books for pastors. Volunteers gathered to pack the boxes, and then transport them to a company that sends the boxes here.   So the only "real" cost in the shipping. 

The successful book drive in Cape Girardeau has inspired others to collect books for us.  That is great but it does cost money to ship the boxes.  The batch from Missouri will be about 3,000 USD when finished.

Perhaps you could partner with us so we can continue to ship the books that have been collected and to take advantage of offers to collect more books to create more mini-libraries. A $100, tax deductible donation to Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc, will help us start one new site. 

Thanks for your consideration and many thanks to the donors of the books.

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

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