Fishermen now report having a higher income than was present before the Super Typhoon devastated their community in November of 2013. This is made possible by God's direction of the SOD pump boat project.
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

May 15, 2017 

Dear <<First Name>>, 

This is known as boat number "G5", one of twenty-seven boats donated by Global Impact after Typhoon Haiyan. (there are 61 total boats now with three more on order). It is operated by one of our most skilled fishing beneficiaries, Emelio Sumayod. His wife Elena, also manages a piped water project which was implemented through Seeds of Dignity and eliminates the need to hand carry water from long distances to the houses of several of the fishermen. 
Pump boat Recipient G5 – “Global Impact - Seeds of Dignity Pumpboat”
Names of Beneficiaries:
            Father----- Emelio Sumayod (Age - 38)
            Mother---- Elena Sumayod (Age - 37)
  1. Elmer Sumayod (15)
  2. Emanuel Sumayod (14)
  3. Emilyn Sumayod (12)
  4. Emma Sumayod (9)
  5. Emil Sumayod (7)
  6. Ella May Sumayod (2)
  7. Edmon Sumayod (4 months)
 Boat Number: G5
Location: Brgy. Mazawalo, Fisherman’s Village, Palompon Leyte
Date Issued to the Family:  December 14, 2014
Family Impact: 
“The  “G5 Global Impact - Seeds of Dignity”  boat is a big help to my family as it has become our daily source of income especially when we catch big fish.  This can help elevate us from poverty. We find it challenging to raise seven children but with the blessing of this pump boat, we can now provide for our daily needs and educate our children. It helps provide our food, school allowance, fees and supplies, all by means of fishing. Grateful to our sponsor for the blessing of pump boat livelihood.

                                                           Emilio and Elena Sumayod

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