Four prosthetic cases this month, 20 long distance surgery cases staying over in Davao, multiple site VBS programs...a blessed month

May 2019 Photo Update

Dear <<First Name>>,    

We are excited to share a few highlights of what God is doing here in the Philippines through the many partnerships and opportunities provided to Seeds of Dignity.

Families continue to be blessed with saleable fish via the SOD pump boat livelihood project. Please pray that the additional 12 boats on order will be delivered soon. 

The discipleship time with the put-put drivers continues each Friday. This involves SOD recipients as well as other drivers from Palompon. They stop their work for the afternoon to join this fellowship. 

Praises!!! This is one of the baptisms in May from an area which has many fishing boats from SOD donors. The boat project continues to be used by God to bring people into a relationship with Jesus. 

Congratulations to Kimberly as she just passed her exam to become a Licensed Teacher. Scholarships are a long-term commitment. Kim was sponsored for four years by a donor from SOD. She joins three other SOD sponsored students who have also recently passed their board exams - Arlene, Jesel and Jaaziel. We have many qualified students who wish to go on to college but we are in need of more sponsors.

VBS programs were going on throughout May at many different sites. Some of the churches also received boxes from Operation Christmas Child and the distributions were often merged into the VBS closing programs.

VBS supplies were shared with several other ministries. This is Pastor Wilson from Santo Tomas. 

Four prosthetic cases were handled in May. Three have returned home and one more is in progress. We rejoice at the opportunities we have to assist with prosthetic cases at the Davao Jubilee Foundation and the Tebow Cure Hospital. 17 cases are now in the pipeline, to be completed before the end of 2019.

Part of the process is shopping for shoes which usually ends up and stopping to get some ice cream too. Xyril and Mary Grace were returnees, as they have grown out of their old prosthetic devices.  Back home now and ready to start school in June. 

We hosted 20 families during May from long-distance areas such as Leyte Island and Aklan...along with some far areas in Mindanao. This is in addition to other cases which travel less than 3-4 hours each way to get to their appointments at the Tebow Cure Hospital. Other cases come in mostly by bus and are often provided fare or other transport assistance.

Johan is our longest case to stay over -- off and in Davao since mid-November. He went home in May, with straight feet, new shoes and a strong desire to practice walking until he is completely clubfoot free. 

Craig traveled back and forth twice from Leyte Island. His arm is now back in the proper position. Thanks to the great surgeons and staff at the Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao.


In June, we resume and add to our partnership based feeding programs. We have stepped out in faith and now have over 900 children in rural areas who will receive one meal per day at their local school. These are not just feeding programs but opportunities to build deeper relationships in the schools and the surrounding communities. Many doors are opening for values classes and Bible studies.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support.  I hope to be able to meet with family, with many friends, churches, Bible studies, civic groups, VBS God directs while I am in the USA for six weeks.

Thanks for prayers for this trip and for your support for the ministries here in the Philippines.

You are a blessing, 

Peter Cowles for the SOD Board and Staff along with many families who are being blessed.

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