More boats and putputs are dedicated - 160 families are being blessed by these livelihood projects!  Wow ---several children are receiving prosthetic legs this month. Feeding programs continue for 950 children in rural areas,  with great support from the parents. We are so excited to see many new believers baptized in the past week.

September 2019 Photo Update

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In our recent travels to Leyte Island, we were blessed to witness the dedication of additional boats (99 now!) and put-puts (59 units in service). We visited rural churches and communities and the homes of surgery cases who have been coming to/from Davao.

We were also able to meet many new believers. Below are some of them being baptized on Thursday. They are from the coastal areas of Palompon, where pump boats are opening up opportunities to share the gospel in additional communities.

Back in Davao, we were able to witness the baptism of students coming to know Jesus through the Padada Youth Center. 

Around 120 were present to help celebrate the first anniversary of the Padada Youth Center (above).  Later in the week, the Padada Center as well as the Aplaya Ministry Center hosted clinics with Care Channels for optical, dental and general checkups. 400+ were served at the clinics in partnership with Care Channels. Care Channels also is sponsoring scholarships at both of these sites. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Care Channels Ministries.

800 Bibles in the Cebuano language, along with many bumper stickers, were distributed to rural pastors in August. At the distribution events, clothing was also shared with the pastors. These Bibles are targeted for new believers in the rural churches. 

Feeding programs continue to be actively supported by the parents, schools and churches. We are blessed to be helping 950 students this year, providing a supplemental meal each day. Below are parents from Atan Owe who prepare and serve the food for their children on a rotating basis. SOD staff provides spiritual feeding at all the sites through approved moral teachings from the Bible and religious activities.

At the Aplaya Elementary School, a new feeding program was started in June, targeting the Grade 1 students.

At the Gadeco Elementary School, all of the students (89) are receiving a mid-morning meal, in partnership with the parents and the Balik-Balik Community Church.  Programs are underway as well at several other sites. We are grateful for new and existing sponsors of feeding programs for this school year.

The put-put drivers in Leyte, give up one afternoon each week to gather together for worship and discipleship training. Usually, one or two of the drivers gives a testimony about how God is faithful and is working in their lives. 

The smile on the face of this new recipient of a put-put in his family has a stable income each day! 

There is much to celebrate about prosthetic legs this month. Three children already received their new legs, including John Arnold from Leyte. His surgeries and the prosthetic device has been done through the Tebow Cure Hospital. John Arnold and his mother have been staying with us through this process at the Care Center (over 7 months in 2019).

There is a team at the Tebow Cure Hospital this week from the New York area - Limb Kind Foundation. Several of the children we have been helping, will receive their legs in the coming days through the Limb Kind Foundation and Tebow Cure Hospital. SOD has been helping to locate, transport and house several of these cases. The kids are so excited! 

For the cases we have been helping, they were transferred on Friday from the Care Center to the Tebow Cure Hospital to begin the fitting for their new legs.

Thanks for those who help each month to support the costs of the Care Center. It is such a place of blessing, bonding, rest and spiritual activities and growth for the mothers and children.

We continue to transport and house many cases coming from Leyte and other long distance areas. We project 100 families will be blessed by staying over at the Care Center this year, so they can receive the services of the Tebow Cure Hospital. Most are clubfoot or prosthetic cases. We also help with transportation each week for many other cases closer to Davao (1-6 hours away) so they can also avail of these life changing opportunities.

It was good to visit with Roy and his family when we were in Leyte and to give him a pair of shoes to help him in this stage of his journey to becoming club foot free.

We have been helping with round trip bus fare to/from Davao to Leyte for all of the Leyte cases. We admire the moms who travel around 20 hours (one way) to make the journey to/from Davao and their homes in Leyte. Thanks also for those who are helping to support the costs of the fare, food  and misc. items as they come to the Tebow Cure Hospital by bus or in some cases by plane. 

I need to wrap things up for this newsletter. As you can probably see by all the activities, we are blessed but stretching a bit too. We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support as we continue pressing on to reach others for the kingdom. 

For God's honor and glory,

Peter Cowles for the Board, Staff, and grateful recipients of God's blessings 

Just received this photo from a fisherman in Leyte via Pastor Jonas. Nice catch!

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