2nd Anniversary of the blessing of the Alex Morton boat. 
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June 15, 2017 - Livelihood Update

Dear <<First Name>>, 

Each year, kayak races occur in Palompon, Leyte.  Gerry and his relatives have done well in this competition due to having to paddle long distances to reach their fishing waters - sometimes, 3-4 hours each way. While was great for developing arm muscles, it was not a safe and effective way to fish.

They were given the opportunity to receive a pump boat two years ago and their lives have really changed by being able to travel to and from the fishing areas in about 30 minutes. They also use the boat for bringing their kids to school, going to church and buying supplies. As they live along the ocean, the boat is their main means of transportation. 

Like many other families in Palompon, they lost almost all their possessions in the super typhoon of Nov. 2013. God heard their prayers for a pump boat. When this boat became available through the Alex Morton pump boat memorial fund, they finally began to recover from the super typhoon. His brother Manuel, is the recipient of the M1 boat, The Katherine Anne, named for the younger sibling of Alex, Katherine. 

Two more boats will be dedicated in June, bringing the total to 63 families who now have a steady and reliable source of income through the use of pump boats for fishing.

Pump boat name – “Alex Morton”
 Names of Beneficiaries:
            Father----- Gerry Sumayod
            Mother---- Richelle  Cañete
  1. Ray Jane Sumayod (5)  
  2. Jerson Sumayod (3)
  3. Ria Jane Sumayod (1)  
Boat Number: M2 (one of 61 pump boats) 
Location: Fisherman Village, Brgy. Mazawalo, Palompon Leyte
Date Issued to the Family: June 8, 2015
Family Impact: 
The “Alex Morton Boat is an answered prayer and a great blessing to us. Before, we paddled for about 3 to 4 hours with our old and small traditional canoe (bangka) to go to our fishing area. It is very difficult sometimes during rough seas. But with the blessing of Alex M. pump boat, we can now go faster and have a very comfortable ride to our fishing destinations. It is our very source of income and it has greatly helped my family every day to sustain us with our needs and even for the education of our children. We Praise and Thank the Lord for the Blessings. Grateful to my sponsor and to Seeds of Dignity Ministries. We continue to pray for you Ma'am Kelly and thank you for visiting us several times. 


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