Thanks to the book donors in California, Missouri, Singapore and the Philippines
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Dear <<First Name>>, it was wonderful to host the team from Missouri that was involved in the collection of books to support libraries in the Philippines. They were able to help with several of the distributions and see the joy on the faces of the children as they held the new books. 

This is a very simple project with great benefits. A book drive in Missouri lasting for less than one month, netted over 12,500 books. The books were sorted and boxed by volunteers.  Twenty-seven boxes of books were sent to the Philippines at a total cost of about 2,500 USD. These books will be used at twenty different sites, many of them for new libraries in areas where children do not have access to books, especially ones that can be checked out to them.

We have received books from other areas of the the USA, (thank you CA donors), the Philippines and from Singapore

The centers and churches that are hosting the libraries are very pleased with the project. At every site, children and often parents flock to the centers to check out books. Many doors to ministry are being opened. At some sites, we now have computers labs. 

We see a great opportunity at this time to collect books, as many people are discarding them and moving to e-books. This is especially true for books for pastors.  

Maybe this project is one in which you can become involved.   Collecting books is pretty easy. Sending a box of 400+ children's books from the USA or Canada is between 65-100 USD depending on where you are located. That is a cost of less than $1 for four books. 400 books starts a library.  Simple, effective. 

If you want to find out more about this project, please reply to this newsletter.

Grateful for this opportunity.

Peter Cowles
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