The Abe Braun putput supplies a steady income for Pastor Elijah and supports his ministry to a rural church
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

June 6, 2017 - Weekly Livelihood Update

Dear <<First Name>>, 

Pastor Elijah travels each Sunday to a rural area to serve as pastor of the Faith Missionary Baptist Church, where he has ministered for several years.  As this community lacks the means to provide a salary, he earns his living by driving a putput. Like many of the other drivers, he has been renting a unit for several years. Since January of 2016, the daily income has been much higher by having his own unit. We hear stories of how he uses the putput to share his testimony and the gospel message to passengers. He's a talented musician and the riders sometimes get a song too, no extra charge.

He is very proud of his unit and has equipped it with a special horn, powered by a bicycle pump. No doubt the most unique putput in Palompon, Leyte.


Names of Beneficiaries:

Father------Pastor Elijah Asoque (44)
Mother---- Jocelyn Asoque (45)
 1. Hanna Mae Asoque (9)
 2. Pauline Asoque (6)
Putput Name: Abe Braun
Putput Bicycle Taxi Sequence Number: ( # 7 of 28 units)
Location: Washington Street, Sudlon extension, Palompon, Leyte
Date Issued to the Family:  January 15, 2016
 Family Impact: 

“The “Abe Braun” Bicycle Taxi has greatly impacted my family in many ways. I have been renting and driving Putput since 2007. It is a blessing to have “Abe Braun” Bicycle Taxi entrusted to us. It has become our source of income every day. It helps provide our daily needs and especially the school needs for my children. Through it, we can also save and even support our ministry and for the gasoline going to and from in Brgy. Tambis, Palompon, Leyte, where I minister as a Pastor.

We are very grateful to our sponsor and to Seeds of Dignity Ministries as a channel for God's provision of this blessing.

Additional info: 

Driving experience is 10 years.

Elijah Asoque is pastoring in Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Upper Taberna, Palompon
His father is also a Pastor.

A putput unit which will last for many years, can be provided for a donation of $350. Several families are still on the list for this livelihood opportunity. Donors can also choose the name for a unit. 

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