Robert is making a good transition and has hope for a better future!
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

February 2017

Dear <<First Name>>, about nine months ago, we were introduced to a young man named Robert, who at that time was confined to the Ma'a City Jail. He had been involved in the tailoring project inside the jail for several years and was about to be released. Seeds of Dignity was asked by a friend to consider sponsoring him for a livelihood project.

God quickly opened the door for SOD to purchase a commercial grade, used sewing machine in May of 2016. We set up an agreement between Robert and his sponsor. The agreement established a maintenance fund for the machine, to be paid from Robert's income.  Last month, based on the success of the initial project, we purchased a second machine which allows Robert to do more complicated sewing jobs. This unit also requires a set aside for maintenance and a has repayment plan with no interest charged, to pay back of the cost of the machine over two years. SOD has a total investment in the project of about $700 of which, $400 will be repaid. 

The agreements on both of the machines require a spiritual investment as well in the life of Robert. This is through SOD and the Archdioceses of Davao.

During the recent Night to Shine event, sponsored by the Tebow Foundation, we were able to use Robert's services to alter the dresses collected and sent from friends in California and Tennessee.  

We can see how God is working in the life of Robert. It is very nice to seem him smiling as we make our weekly contacts with him and refer friends in the Davao area for his services. For his protection, Robert is paid through his sponsor during his transition period. 

All for God's glory,

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.
Seeds of Dignity Ministries - Mindanao, Inc. 


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