Mario is a very hard working driver and is very happy to have his own putput. 
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

May 22, 2017

Dear <<First Name>>, 

Putput bicycle taxis are the main form of local transportation in Palompon, Leyte. Industrious drivers, such as Mario, can earn enough money to support their families if they have their own putput unit. Many families, however, do not have the capital to purchase a unit, so they have to rent one from a local owner. The rental takes up a lot of the profit and the hours are also restricted, as often two families rent the same unit at different times of the day. Smart drivers know the peak hours for profit and can maximize those times and take a rest break during the slower times, if they are in control of the units and are not renting by the hour.

The SOD program is unique, in that the capital for a putput is provided by donors. Donors are allowed to name a unit.  A daily maintenance fee of five pesos is charged to the recipient family and the funds are placed in the putput cooperative account and withdrawn as needed for maintenance and repairs. This mechanism is needed not only to take care of repairs and wear and tear on the unit but to teach families the value of setting aside funds for future needs.

After four years, our agreements give ownership to the families of the putputs.  They then will be responsible for setting aside maintenance funds. A well maintained putput, can be used for many, many years. We have seen units more than 20 years old. 


Putput Bicycle Taxi Recipient  – “SHALOM”

Names of Beneficiaries:
    Father----- Mario Marquez
    Mother---- Viviana Marquez

        1. Marvi  Marquez (9)
        2. Marian Marquez (8)
        3. Marvin Marquez (6)
        4. Mary Ann Marquez (3)

Putput Name:    Shalom

Putput Bicycle Taxi Number: #23 of 28 units

Location: Brgy. IPil 3, Palompon, Leyte

Date Issued to the Family:  January 17, 2017

Family Impact:  

“The “Shalom” Bicycle Taxi is a great blessing and answered prayer to our family. It helps to provide reliable income for our food and family needs and gives us dignity by working hard and having a better control of our income. We are able to support our children to go to school through this livelihood. Before, we rented a “Putput” for many years and now we are blessed to have our own unit entrusted to us. Out income is much higher by having our own unit and being able to use it anytime of the day. We praise and thank the Lord for this blessing. Grateful to our sponsor and to Seeds of Dignity Ministry.

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