Read about Gina, Rose and Earlwin who recently were helped with surgeries.
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August 2016

Dear <<First Name>>, In June, while we were delivering supplies to the Balay Pasilungan children's home in Marilog, we noticed a high school student standing by our car accompanied by her auntie. Her arm was wrapped and she was in great pain. We found out her name is Gina and she attends the Marilog High School of Agriculture. Gina is 16 years old and is in Grade 9. She was in a motorcycle accident two weeks prior and appeared to have a serious arm fracture. They were asking for help as they had heard we assisted with medical cases. They had walked several hours to get to our car.

We arranged transportation for her to come to Davao with her mother so that she could be seen at the Tebow/Cure Hospital. Gary, a registered nurse working for Seeds of Dignity, made the arrangements and also coordinated the paperwork they needed to bring along. An orthopedic doctor confirmed at the appointment, Gina had a very bad compound fracture. Surgery was required. A temporary cast was put on the arm to immobilize it. This set in motion a chain reaction of forms and applications for assistance in Davao City. As the mother is not able to read and write, Gary accompanied her to all offices and completed the forms so that they could be signed by her. We also made a co-payment of $50 for the family. 

The good news is that Gina had the surgery, her arm is now healing and she should be able to resume classes soon. Four trips back and forth to Davao have been required (4 hours each way for the family). Without the surgery, her arm would never have been able to be used again.  A dozen pins are still in the arm, later to be removed. (Shown l-r is a local pastor who helped to drive, the mother of Gina, Gina, Girlie (SOD Office Supervisor), and Gary RN)

Gina's case is not unusual. We helped another student, Rose, a few months ago with a similar case and recently arranged for an eye surgery for a 14 year old boy needing cataract surgery (Earlwin). In the past year, more than 20 cases like Gina's have been helped or are in the process of being helped. Most are tribal families that fall outside of the "net" of social services. Some lack birth certificates. Most reside outside of Davao City and are impoverished farmers who lack funds even for fare to get to Davao City. Many have given up hope.

Our costs range from $25 to $500 to assist with the surgery cases.

We are grateful to the sponsors who are helping these families and for your many prayers.

Peter Cowles
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