Seventeen families have been blessed in the past three months...just from Leyte.  This is our first round of bringing in cases from longer distance areas for surgeries and prosthetic devices. More arrived this week from Leyte and other areas.  We are blessed to be in a relationship with the Tebow Cure Hospital to help many families.

August 2018 Photo Update

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So many blessings this month.  Let's start off in Leyte.  Eight more fishing boats were dedicated in July.  Six more boats are on order for delivery in August. This will bring the total to 100 regular sized fishing boats and one larger boat!  Many families are being blessed. We are excited that a new church plant is coming out of one of the villages where the boat project started. 

Our 57th put put unit was dedicated in July.  One more unit has been ordered.  The put put drivers continue to be very faithful in sharing the gospel with their riders and in attending the Friday Bible study and discipleship training.

Services have commenced at the Davao School for the Blind. This is our fifth year of partnering with the school. It is awesome to see the students leading their own worship time and breakout prayer and discussion sessions each Sunday. Arlene continues to enjoy her role as a Grade 3/4 teacher.

Feeding programs, both physical and spiritual are in full swing at several sites. The mothers are very excited and cooperative in preparing and serving the meals. 

Working together, the mothers (and some times fathers) develop stronger relationships. We are also able to reach out spiritually to the mothers as we get to see them on a more frequent basis.

Children eagerly line up with plates and bowls each school day, during the morning break, to receive a supplemental and nutritious meal.

We also have access to share some Biblical principles in the classrooms at many sites, due to the partnerships with the schools.

Jose received a replacement prosthetic leg in July, as he has grown much taller since receiving his first prosthetic leg two years ago. Nine other cases are scheduled this year for new or replacement legs. 

Transport, appointment facilitation and housing of surgery cases has become a routine activity. Likely, we will be helping to facilitate about 1,600 medical appointments this year. 

If you can view this link, you will see what this looks like each Monday and Thursday for appointments at the Tebow Cure Hospital. A second and sometimes, third vehicle is often in use.

We have a regular worship and prayer time each Wednesday at the Care Center.  The mothers and children are starting to join with us for worship at a local church on Sunday mornings.

There are many activities for the children each day at the Care Center. The mothers are also involved in the daily operation of the facility.

During my brief time in the USA, I had more than 30 opportunities to share about what God is doing in the Philippines through SOD.  Thanks for all who extended their hospitality and made speaking and contact arrangements for this trip.

There are many other activities going on which are regularly posted on our Facebook page

We are especially excited to be distributing Cebuano and Tagalog Bibles on a regular basis to rural pastors. In July, 800 Bibles were distributed. 

We are so grateful for your support as we move forward at God's direction.  We have been reworking our mission statement and would like to share it with you....

The purpose of Seeds of Dignity is:

To make disciples and to identify and specifically train those who have a passion to make disciples

To intentionally and compassionately use the tools God has give to us as opportunities to make disciples

To operate for God's honor and glory 

Thanks for joining us in prayer and in support as we move forward to accomplish this mission

Peter Cowles
For the SOD Board, Staff and many recipients of your prayers and blessings


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