The Pamuhatan school principal reports significant improvements in attendance, a reduciton in tardiness and a better attention span of students in their classes

The involvement of parents - key to the success of the new feeding program at Pamuhatan Elementary School

Dear <<First Name>>, In August, we made our first visit to the Pamuhatan Elementary School in the mountains of the Marilog District of Davao City. We were working with the school to establish a library for the children, as few books were available for their reading programs. We began to learn more about the surrounding community and saw children who were categorized as being underweight and arrived at school without having had breakfast. Only a few students wore school uniforms and some lacked shoes. Clearly, this was a partnership opportunity. Discussions began about a feeding program, to be funded by SOD Ministries, but implemented by the school and the parents. 

The parents agreed to prepare a morning meal, to be served prior to school hours. Each family would provide their own bowl and spoon. The school staff was eager to oversee the program and developed a simple but nutritious menu and a list of supplies which would be needed. SOD staff met several times on site and worked out the final arrangements. A sponsor would fund most of the program, which would be implemented for 135 students for one morning meal each day. The budget was set at $250 per month for the 2,565 meals which would be served. Supplies would be dropped once a week on our regular trip to Marilog. Bananas would also be given, as available.

In January, we started the program. After being in place for three weeks, the principal reported to the SOD staff that school attendance had substantially increased, tardiness had decreased and the students were much more attentive in the classrooms. The students' body mass index will be monitored over the next three months to chart the physical impacts of the program. 

We are excited to see how the relationship progresses with the school, the parents and the overall community. We see God opening doors.

Grateful for your prayers and support,

Peter Cowles
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