It is both a cautious and joyful time here.  Many are concerned and fearful of the virus....while at at same time, our plates are very full with ministry opportunities. Lots to pray about....

February 2020 Photo Update

Dear <<First Name>>,    
We rejoice as two additional boats were released to families in January, along with two more put-put bicycle taxi units. These are part of the post-super typhoon livelihood projects in Palompon, Leyte --- which now involve over 165 families.

As the drivers gathered for one of their Friday Bible study times, we blessed them with some clothing and additional bumper stickers. They are not ashamed to advertise about their faith.

In our January trip to Leyte Island, we were able to visit with 12 of the active surgery cases from the Tebow Cure Hospital. Many have made multiple trips to Davao and have become part of the SOD family - all have stayed at the REST House. Lyra has had two surgeries, one on her hand and one on her leg in advance of receiving a prosthetic leg.  She really is walking fast now...and she loved receiving the Barbie doll with a prosthetic leg. More than 20 cases have been helped from Leyte Island with surgeries and other procedures.

Jhon David spent about four months in Davao in 2019, having multiple surgeries and a series of castings. We visited him at his home in Palompon, Leyte.  He is now walking, running and even wrestling....with the assistance of braces provided through SOD donors and the Tebow Cure Hospital.

We have been pretty full at the REST House. A few weeks ago, the Brenton Brown Band visited along with representatives from International Care Ministries. ICM was able to visit with three of their patients currently at the REST House.  ICM partners with SOD to for cases from the Zamboanga area to avail of surgeries at the Tebow Cure Hospital. 

Seldom do children with casts, crutches and wheelchairs gather in parks to play. We love to take the families out on field trips so that they can enjoy the time, just like other children.

Night to Shine in Davao was a pure joy event and like a family reunion. Many current and former surgery assistance cases were able to attend this year. SOD is a co-sponsor for the local event and arranged for transport and housing and provided dresses, shirts, and bow ties for the honored kings and queens. After the event, some of the cases stayed back in Davao for their appointments at the hospital for rechecks and adjustments to their prosthetic legs.

We are pleased with the progress of the rebuilding of a house of one of our partner pastors. His house was destroyed by the series of earthquakes in 2019. He sends his thanks to the donors who have helped with this project. Soon they will be moving back home. They have been living under temporary tarps since November.

At Atan Owe, the parents are helping to construct a new feeding area. They are providing all of the labor and materials, except for the roofing. Once the main structure is in place, SOD will help to provide galvanized iron roofing sheets to complete the project. 

There is a lot more we can share.... but will end this letter with a photo of the youth based ministries at the Padada Center. We are going to soon need to change the name, as a church has been planted and meets each Sunday. This is a very exciting development and we rejoice how this discipleship-based program among college students, is now a church which meets regularly.

We are blessed by your prayers and support as we move forward in 2020.  One big prayer request - the virus is a serious concern. The Philippine government is proactively placing restrictions on travel and special events like proms, public events, graduations and conventions. Please pray for the people in China and that the virus does't not rapidly spread here too.

Peter Cowles
For the SOD board and many who are blessed by your prayers and generosity.

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