God has opened doors with the Jubiiee Foundation to process prosthetic cases.   Five so far this year and more coming soon!  
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July 3, 2017 - More life changing opportunities 

Dear <<First Name>>, We rejoice and celebrate the good news concerning Claudine (17), April Mae (14), and Xyriel (6), who are now walking for the first time in their lives, using both legs. Two other cases, Rhamia (8) and Mary Grace (13) have recently had their prosthetic legs changed after waiting several years for this opportunity. Another boy, Eljun (2) is expected to arrive tomorrow for the first fitting of a prosthetic leg. We anticipate another 5-6 cases before the end of the year.

The prosthetic cases are being handled through the Jubilee Foundation. April Mae and Xyriel also had surgeries in preparation for this opportunity, through the Tebow Cure Hospital. The other cases were also evaluated there, so we can have the necessary medical abstract for the referral to Jubilee. SOD staff also helped each of them with transportation, meals, clothing, paperwork, etc, while involved with the Tebow Cure Hospital. We are so blessed to have opportunities with Tebow Cure and the Jubilee Foundation.

The average prosthetic case requires a two week stay at the Jubilee Foundation for fitting and gait training. To make this possible, SOD pays for their transportation, meals, lodging fees, beddings/soap/etc, and buys shoes and socks for each case (about $180 total). We also help to find local sponsors for their unique situations, as each device has a cost of about $400. Sometimes, assistance is also needed for their required paperwork from government agencies. Without this overall coordination and assistance, these cases would likely never be processed. Most children are from farming families and have marginal income. They live in rural areas, 2-3 hours away from Davao. The family of Eljun will travel 7 hours by bus tomorrow with his mother and grandmother and will be picked up by SOD staff at the main bus terminal and taken to the Jubilee Foundation.

We are so grateful how God put this all together. A bit complicated for sure, but he is in the middle of it making good things happen, to transform lives. The extended stay at Jubilee allows our staff to really get to know the families. They are able to join us for some meals and often attend church with the SOD staff. Claudine even had a birthday party at our house, as she turned 17 during her three week stay. 

There are amazing stories of perseverance in all of these cases. Claudine has been waiting for 16 years, as she lost her left foot in a fire at the age of one. April Mae is amazing at hopping on one leg and did so each day in order to go to school -- 1.5 hours in each direction. We met Mary Grace at a VBS program in Datu Salumay. She had used the same prosthetic leg for six years as she was not able to return for refitting. Eljun, sadly, is a victim of domestic violence.

We are now working on more partnerships with the Jubilee Foundation for hearing and vision screening in addition to prosthetic cases. SOD staff recently underwent several days of training at the Jubilee Foundation, so they could conduct first level screening in the field.

God is so good and we are very excited to share his stories with you.

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

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