We can use some help with the Christmas Party for 210 blind students
Seeds of Dignity Ministries

October 2015

Dear Friends, each week, for the past 18 months, we have been providing bananas and vegetables for the staff and students at the Davao School for the Blind. We also have given donations of Braille paper, chairs, tables and others items from people giving us donations for specific items. 

Slowly, we have been able to establish relationships with the school which was founded 27 years ago by a Lutheran organization from Germany. However, when a team from Missouri was here in June, we did not take them to the school as it was not considered one of our primary partnerships. Wow, how things have changed! 

Upon returning from the USA in July, doors swung open for us to do more in the way of spiritual ministries at the school. We were so pleased to be asked to coordinate Sunday worship services for the children as well as to seek out opportunities for them to join in activities at local churches. For the past seven weeks, we have arranged with several partners to help us conduct the Sunday services. We also have been able to take some of the students out for activities in the community. 

Due to our work with the school and with another organization, Resources for the Blind, we were asked three weeks ago to be the coordinator for the annual Christmas party for all of the blind students in our area, including students from the Davao School for the Blind. On December 11th, we will host a day long party at the NCCC Mall for 210 Blind students and their chaperones - about 450 people all in all. We are scrambling a bit now to make this happen and don't really have a budget for this event, yet we feel it is something we need to do. We have been getting some help from local donors and service clubs but still have some funding needs  Our goal is to have a budget of about $5 per student for their food and some simple gifts. 

We also have an immediate need for about 12 boxes of Braille paper for the School for the Blind, so that the textbooks can be typed into Braille.This allows them to have at least one resource set for each grade level in Braille.  Paper is about $50 USD per box. Each textbook requires 2-3 boxes of paper. 

Lastly, we were asked to find a replacement Judo instructor for the School for the Blind as the former instructor left in August. Last year, the students earned six gold medals, four silvers and three bronze medals in a competition against sighted schools in our area. We have found a very qualified instructor who will begin working with the Judo Club in November. When this was announced today at the school, the kids were so excited. 

It is amazing how God positioned us for for more involvement with the blind students in our area by giving us resources for banana and vegetable distributions.  

Here are a few video links of the children singing at some of the worship services. They are getting ready for a concert in Davao City on Nov. 22nd. 




Should you want to make a donation for School for the Blind, the Christmas Party or for Braille paper, donations can be sent to:  

Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.  17076 Carriage Road, Sonora, CA 95370.   Please put a note with the donation as to the specific designation.

$5 sponsors a child for the Christmas Party
$20 provides the fees for one week for the Judo instructor.
$50 buys a box of Braille paper

Grateful for this opportunity,

Peter Cowles
Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.
Seeds of Dignity Ministries - Mindanao, Inc.

All donations made in the USA are tax deductible.

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