We are celebrating God's faithfulness and confirmation of direction.  A new vehicle was dedicated on Tuesday!  For  God's Glory, His kingdom purposes and to serve others in His name.

March 2017

Dear <<First Name>>, Just over a year ago, St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, provided the funds to purchase a mid-sized transport vehicle (Mitsubishi L300). This donation really changed they way we operated and opened many doors for ministry.  In one year, we put on over 25,000 kilometers. The L300 is usually in use six days per week. Given Philippine driving conditions, that is a lot of kilometers in one year. 

As we saw ministries expand with the L300 blessing, it soon became apparent we needed a second vehicle, one which is larger and can handle loads better in the mountains. God had it all under control, in his timing.

Tuesday, we took ownership of a new HINO Dutro 22 passenger vehicle, one which exactly fits our needs. It also can haul 4,000 pounds of bananas in one load. This immediately allows us to haul more bananas, books, Bibles, students from the Davao School for the Blind and mostly importantly, increases our capacity to transport children and their families to and from the Tebow Cure Hospital for life changing surgeries. The total price of the vehicle was $26,000 dollars, with $6,000 coming from SOD donors and $20,000 from a grant from a USA Foundation. We celebrate God's goodness and also his confirmation that we are heading on a path which he is directing.

With two vehicles, we can haul bananas and patients on the same day, we can bring the students from the Davao School for the Blind to activities and band and choir performances (which often are fundraisers for them). We can have patients coming and going from multiple areas on the same day and can expand the number of patients which we can serve each week.

In our limited vision, we didn't see how one vehicle was possible in January of 2016, and what all the uses for that vehicle would be. Now just over a year later, a second and larger vehicle is provided. Hmmm...likely there are things God has planned which are not yet revealed to us. 

Grateful for God's provision through many different donors,

Peter Cowles
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