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It's been quite a while since my last newsletter. For those of you who  have been receiving them, you will notice a new format which is not as pretty as the ones I'd been sending before. My options are limited at the moment. I was forced to subscribe to an internet based newsletter service because someone reported my last email as spam…a bit of a nightmare, but hopefully will be beneficial in the long run. In any case, if you would rather not receive mailings from me,  simply unsubscribe at the link below. 


If you've enjoyed and have been inspired by the blog posts of the new paintings I occasionally email to you, you will have to subscribe to my painting blog. I won't be able to send them out from my regular email. Click this link Marina Petro's Advemtures in Daily Painting and simply put your email address in the little sign up box at the upper right. While you're there, check out the 'Just For Fun' section in the right hand column for some creative entertainment. 


So, here's some news…

Congratulations To Me!
After applying for acceptance into the original Daily Painters  three times over the past four years, and sadly being rejected each time,  I finally let go of the notion that I'd ever be part of this community of  artists. Much to my surprise, I received an email from the owner of the website that represents them, inviting me to join! I accepted, and am now part of this prestigious, original community of Daily Painters who have forged the concept of sharing each new painting at their blogs and have become world renowned in the industry. There's a dual lesson here….persistence (which I have no problem with) and letting go (which doesn't come as naturally)….seems contradictory, doesn't it?

Inner Tapestry Features "The Phoenix Rising"

This wonderful New England publication featured my painting, 'The Phoenix Rising'  on their front page, along with an article on Accessing Your Intuition, which includes a very simple and direct exercise in receiving intuitive insight into anyone. 

Equine Portraits ~ With An Intuitive Touch...
I began painting horses this past spring at the suggestion of M.Theresa Brown, an artist from North Carolina who I hold in high regard. You can read the story and see my equine babies painted thus far by clicking the link just above.

That's it for the time being foks...
May blessings surround you,


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In The Pink
16x20 Oil painting on canvas

Moonsilver, Oil painting
16x20 Oil painting on canvas

Psychedelic Pear, Still Life oil painting
Psychedelic Pear
16x20 Oil painting on canvas

Luscious, Still Life oil painting
6x6 Oil painting on panel

Painting in header above...
16x20 oil painting on canvas
by Marina Petro
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