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We are here for the holiday weekend, so go ahead and place your orders.  Pickup will be on Monday, as usual.  Lots of great stuff coming out of the garden, including an amazing late season abundance of tomatoes and peppers.  The sweet Jimmy Nardello's peppers are particularly plentiful, but we've got some green bells, too.  Don't be surprised if you see some eggplants up in the barn, as well.  And of course, all of the fall roots are looking great.  We're done with the mixed-color carrots for the season, so it's all Red-cored Chantenay orange carrots from here on out.  They are perfect right now, small and fancy - be sure to grab a bunch.

Funny story.... At the market on Thursday, I was talking shop (i.e. the weather) with a gardener/customer.  We were remarking on how great the weather has been this late in the season, and I said that I had just looked at the forecast that morning, and there was still no frost on the horizon.  He said, "Well, Farmer's Almanac says the 14th."  I, of course, took it with a grain of salt - I had just looked at the forecast, and lows were all consistently in the 40s. So..... I just looked at the forecast again, and guess what.  Looks like frost.  On the 14th.  Hah!  Spooky little book.  In any event, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  A little frost won't wipe out the tomato and pepper crop in one night, but their days are numbered.  It is mid-October, after all!

We should have enough tomatoes on Monday for folks to buy in bulk for freezing and canning.  Buy 5 lbs or more for $3.00 / lb. 

If you are lucky enough to get a couple of our limited supply of October eggplants, here's what you do.  Chop up two smallish eggplants, one strong onion, and one small fresh chili pepper.  Saute in quite a lot of olive oil and salt generously in the pan.  Cook for 45 minutes to an hour or more, starting on medium high heat and gradually-reducing the heat to medium-low, until eggplants are falling apart and any chunks remaining are extremely tender.  Add 2 cloves minced garlic and continue cooking for a few minutes.  Remove from heat, and add one pound of cooked penne to the eggplant and stir, coating the pasta with eggplant "sauce" and oil.  Add a bunch or fresh chopped parsley, 1 clove minced garlic, a bit of vinegar, and some black pepper.  More oil over the top, a bit of parmesan, and salt to taste.  You could also throw in some fresh chopped tomato, if you're feeling crazy. 


Order veggies by email before 8pm on Sunday, pick up your order at the farm on Monday between 4 and 7pm.  Items listed in red are available in limited quantities.  Items in bold are new to the list:

  • Garden Share - $20 / bag
  • Arugula - $3 / bu
  • Beets, Detroit Dark Red or Cylindra - $3.50 / bu
  • Broccoli, Piricicaba - $4.00 / lb
  • Cabbage, Winningstadt - $1.50 / lb
  • Carrots, chantenay - $3.50 / bu
  • Celeriac - $3.00 / lb
  • Celery, large heads - $3.50 / ea
  • Herbs, cilantro - $2 / bu
  • Herbs, flat-leaved parsley- $2 / bu
  • Herbs, summer savory - $2 / bu
  • Kale, Beedy's or Red Russian - $3 / bu
  • Leeks, King Sieg - $4 / lb
  • Lettuce, heirloom heads - $3 / ea
  • Mustard greens, Osaka Purple or Green Wave - $3 / bu
  • Onions, Dakota Tears yellow - $2.50 / lb
  • Onions, Rossa Milano reds - $2.50 / lb
  • Peppers, Jimmy Nardello's sweets - $4.50 / lb
  • Potatoes, fingerling - $3 / lb
  • Potatoes, Keuka Gold - $2 / lb
  • Radishes, French Breakfast - $2.50 / bu
  • Rutabaga, Gilfeather - $1.50 / lb
  • Swiss chard, Ruby Red or Fordhook Giant - $3 / bu
  • Tomatoes, mixed heirlooms - $4.00 / lb
  • Winter squash, butternut - $1.50 / lb
  • Winter squash, sweet dumpling - $2 / lb
Pork: ($ / lb)
  • Fat back - $3.50
  • Leaf lard - $4
  • Trotters, smoked - $4
  • Hocks, smoked - $8
Beef: ($ / lb)
  • Ground - $7.50
  • Bones - $2
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