Organic Center collaborates in USDA-funded grants to advance organic
Key funding awarded for research addressing critical and diverse organic issues

The Organic Center is thrilled to collaborate in three wide-ranging grants totaling over $2 million that will address key needs of today’s organic industry. The grants were announced on Wednesday, September 28, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will be funded by USDA’s Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI).
The issues facing today’s organic sector are diverse and range from questions arising in organic fields and processing plants to conference halls and research laboratories. The Organic Center monitors current research and gaps in our knowledge about organic, and when a critical issue arises that needs an immediate response, The Center works to bring together the multidisciplinary teams needed to address the issues.
In addition to developing diverse stakeholder groups, The Center leads in research communication and outreach.  Effective research cannot happen in a vacuum; the findings of research must be made available to stakeholders to have a tangible impact. The Organic Center plays a central role in engaging stakeholders, and disseminating research for multiple projects of key importance to the organic industry.

Sharing organic knowledge to increase adoption of organic
The Organic Center is delighted to be the recipient this year of a $50,000 grant to host a second Organic Confluences Summit in 2017. The goal of next year’s conference will be to find ways to improve the dissemination and adoption of scientific research aimed at overcoming common challenges to organic production.

An organic alternative to celery powder in meat curing
An almost $40,000 grant (exact amount $38,564) was awarded to the University of Wisconsin, with The Organic Center and The Organic Trade Association as collaborators, to help identify an organic alternative to conventional celery powder in curing organic meat and products.

Food safety and use of manure in organic farming
Addressing one of the most pressing issues for the organic community, a $2 million grant was awarded to examine the relationship between manure use in improving soil health and food safety, concentrating on organic fresh produce production.  How to use manure effectively in organic farming in ways that foster healthy soil and minimize risks to food safety is of critical concern for the organic sector, as many certified organic producers rely on animal-based manure and compost to improve soil fertility and quality instead of chemical fertilizers.

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