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Organic Recipe of the Month
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Buttermilk and Browned Butter
Nothing says comfort like a creamy bowl of mashed potatoes! Try this classic dish with a spin, and be sure to choose organic potatoes when making this dish to increase your antioxidant intake. READ  MORE

Hot Science

New Organic Center Report: Organic Food and Farming as a Tool to Combat Antibiotic Resistance and Protect Public Health
A new report released by The Organic Center, which reviews almost 100 studies, demonstrates that the best choice consumers can make to combat antibiotic resistance and protect themselves from antibiotic-resistant bacteria is to choose organic. Antibiotic resistance has been described as one of the most pressing human health concerns today and contributes to thousands of deaths each year. While the use of antibiotics in conventional agricultural practices has been implicated as an important contributor to this growing crisis, research also demonstrates that livestock production without the use of antibiotics, such as in organic agriculture, is an important part of the solution. This review paper takes an in-depth look at everything from mechanisms by which resistance develops in bacteria and the role that modern day agricultural practices play in exacerbating the problem, to how organic agriculture provides a simple and effective means to combat the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and to protect the health of consumers. Please read and share this exciting new report!

Pest control from predators is more efficient on organic farms
A new study published in Biological Control has found that beneficial predators and parasitoids are more effective at controlling agricultural pests on organic farms than they are on conventional farms. The results demonstrated that organic farms host higher levels of beneficial insects, which can be an effective form of pest control. READ MORE
A coalition of scientists calls for action on toxic chemicals
A large group of leading scientific experts, medical experts, and children’s health advocates has joined forces in a call to action to reduce common chemical exposures shown to interfere with the brain development of fetuses and children. READ MORE
Organic farming in the tropics is as productive as conventional
Newly released results from long-term field studies conducted by the Swiss Research Institute FiBL suggest that organic farming in tropical regions can be as productive as conventional farming while providing greater economic benefit. READ MORE
Honey bees exposed to pesticides via contaminated wild plant pollen
A recently published article in the scientific journal Nature Communications has found that contaminated pollen from wild plants near land cultivated for corn and soy production is a source of pesticide exposure throughout the entire season. Researchers found that agricultural pesticides as well as insecticides used for the control of mosquitoes and other pests contaminated wild flower pollen. READ MORE

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