*April 2014*
W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s
Transamerica® Rock 'n' Roll
Half Marathon San Francisco™ 
team raises $10,000!

For the past two months, 14 individuals have been training to run a ½ marathon and fundraising to support services at W.O.M.A.N., Inc. that support domestic violence survivors. Our agency is happy to report that On Sunday, April 6th in the wee hours of the morning, when most everyone else in San Francisco was sleeping, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. had 14 individuals running in the race to raise awareness of domestic violence. These individuals consisted of W.O.M.A.N., Inc. volunteers, board members, staff, survivors, and friends of survivors. All 14 members of our team completed their half marathon distance of 13.1 miles in under three hours! They also all exceed their individual fundraising goals, with the entire team bringing in $10,000!

We also want to acknowledge all of the businesses and individuals who have also been supporting our Team in different ways.
Advocates: Erin Durkee, Gemma Donofrio, Travis Marsh, Maureen Egan, Anna McDonald 
Businesses: Antologia Vinoteca, Baretta, Cabot Creamery, Cole Hardware, Dandelion Chocolate, De Young Museum/Legion of Honor, Dr. Lucy’s Cookies, Lululemon, Oakland Raiders, Off the Plate, Paxti’s Pizza, Perry’s Restaurant, Rock Wall Wine, Sunny Sleevez, ThirstyBear Brewing Company, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

We are so proud of our first W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Running Team and want thank them and everyone else involved with preparing for this race for making it so successful! See you all next year! We’re going to make it even bigger! 
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and marks a time dedicated to raising consciousness about sexual violence, its prevalence and what we can do to put an end to it. Sexual assault is a major public health issue and affects many people in our communities regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. According toSan Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR), 1 in 4 women and 1 in 11 men will be sexually abused in their lifetime. While these statistics are dismal, there are millions all over the world devoted to decreasing them. Domestic violence and sexual assault agencies across the country are using SAAM to actively promote anti- sexual violence events geared towards raising awareness about this serious and widespread issue. In the Bay Area,  SFWAR will be holding their 9th Annual Walk Against Rape on April 26th in honor of SAAM. During the walk, sexual assault survivors, their friends, family and supporters will march through the Mission and Castro districts of San Francisco to “declare that San Francisco will not tolerate sexual violence” (sfwar.org). If you are interested in participating in the walk, please click here

For more information about SAAM, click here.




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Supporting AB 1579 - Healthy Babies Act of 2014
Did you know that the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) reports that domestic violence is more common than any other health problem among women during pregnancy? Or that one in six pregnant women reported physical or sexual abuse during pregnancy? 

To learn more about domestic violence and pregnancy, click here.

This is why the Domestic Violence Team of the Women’s Policy Institute is working with Assemblymember Mark Stone’s office to ensure that AB 1579 – Healthy Babies Act of 2014 passes this year. The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program provides cash assistance to families with incomes below the federal poverty level. The purpose of CalWORKs is to provide for the well-being of children, address the employment barriers parents may have, and promote job training preparation. In general, only families with children are eligible for CalWORKs benefits. However, a pregnant woman without any eligible children may apply for benefits to begin in the third trimester of her pregnancy in anticipation of the birth of her child. According to the Urban Institute, California is in the minority of states that require women to wait until the third trimester to be eligible for federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) grants, the federal program that funds the state’s CalWORKs program. 

Allowing women to obtain CalWORKs benefits upon first verification of pregnancy will lessen undue stress on newly expectant mothers by ensuring earlier access to basic needs grants that can mitigate financial burden, eliminate dependence on abusive partners and ensure better health outcomes for their babies. 

Action Needed: We need individuals and organization to send in Support letters for AB 1579 by Friday, April 25th! If you can send a support letter, please e-mail mariya@womaninc.org for more information. 

Donor Spotlight: Sedgwick LLP
1) What is your name or organization and what do you do?Photo [L-R]: W.O.M.A.N., Inc. representative, Jill Zawisza; Sedgwick attorney and chair of the San Francisco Inclusion & Diversity Committee Denise Trani-Morris; Sedgwick San Francisco Director of Administration, Margaret Morasca and  W.O.M.A.N., Inc. representative Mariya Taher

Sedgwick LLP is an international litigation and business law firm that provides counseling, risk management, litigation management, trial, appellate and transactional legal services to sophisticated corporate clients. Founded in 1933 as a two-attorney firm in San Francisco, Sedgwick now has more than 360 attorneys in offices around the world. Sedgwick's collective experience spans the globe and virtually every industry.
2) How did you first learn about W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
Sedgwick San Francisco attorney and member of the firm’s SF Inclusion & Diversity Committee, Sunny Shapiro first learned about W.O.M.A.N., Inc. online.Sunny felt so inspired by the organization’s mission that she decided to spearhead a used cell phone drive throughout the firm’s San Francisco office to support W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s worthy cause of serving survivors of domestic violence in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.
3) What inspired you to support W.O.M.A.N., Inc's anti-violence efforts and how did you do so?
Sedgwick has a long tradition of giving back to its community. Whether through pro bono work or volunteering at local charities, finding ways to better the communities in which our attorneys and staff work and live has always been a top priority.  The firm was proud to launch the used cell phone drive in our San Francisco office because members of the firm feel passionately about W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s mission.
4) What is the impact you hope for your support to have on the community?
We hope that the money raised through Sedgwick’s used cell phone drive will in some small way help provide support to victims of domestic violence through the education, advocacy and peer counseling and therapy that W.O.M.A.N., Inc. offers its clients.  Sedgwick is truly honored to contribute to W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s cause. We hope to one day live in a world where domestic violence no longer infiltrates our communities.

2014 National Latina Institute Proposal Accepted 
W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is proud to announce that our proposal to present a workshop about our Echando Pa’lante program has been accepted for the 2014 National Latina Institute “Vida plena para todas” in Chicago, IL.  

The National Latina Institute will bring together about 150 participants from a variety of fields including advocates, community leaders, activists, researchers and others. This institute will provide attendees with significant opportunities for networking, resource and expertise sharing and critical discussions on traditionally challenging topics. 

The conference will take place June 9-11th and W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s Executive Director and staff from our Latina Program will attend the conference and facilitate one of the fourteen workshops to occur this year.

The National Latina Network for Healthy Families and Communities is a network of individuals and organizations committed to improving the health and well-being of Latina communities. The National Latina Network is led by Casa de Esperanza, a national Latina organization whose mission is to mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence. The National Latina Network for Healthy Families and Communities builds on Casa de Esperanza’s experiences working in local communities to support families, end domestic violence, and increase meaningful access to services for Latinas and incorporate a research center, public policy initiative, and training. 

More information can be found here.

Antologia Vinoteca Supports the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Transamerica® Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon San Francisco™ Team
From all of us at W.O.M. A.N. Inc., we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Antologia Vinoteca and to all our guests, friends and family for coming out to support the event. We are consistently humbled by the greater community for their support in abolishing domestic violence! 

On Saturday, March 29th, a local wine bar Antologia Vinoteca teamed up with W.O.M.A.N., Inc. to support our W.O.M.A.N., Inc. SF Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon team by hosting a fundraiser.

Thank you to the Antologia Vinoteca staff for donating 20% of the proceeds to our running team and for the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. volunteers for putting the event together.  The evening included amazing homemade empanadas and barrels of sangria, making new friends and buying raffle tickets.

Those raffle tickets came in handy, as our auctioneer Travis Marsh, a member of W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Volunteer Events Committee, presented the lucky winners with gift certificates, goody baskets, wine and chocolate throughout the evening.
Thank you especially to our amazingly generous donors; your raffle items were a big hit!

•    Baretta
•    Cabot Creamery
•    Cole Hardware
•    Dandelion Chocolate
•    De Young Museum/Legion of Honor
•    Dr. Lucy’s Cookies
•    Lululemon
•    Oakland Raiders
•    Off Your Plate
•    Paxti’s Pizza
•    Perry’s Restaurant
•    Rock Wall Wine
•    Sunny Sleevez
•    ThirstyBear Brewing Company
•    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Volunteer Highlight: Erin Durkee
1) When did you first get involved with W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
I started volunteering at W.O.M.A.N. Inc. in October 2013.
2) What inspired you to do anti-violence work?
I really wanted to volunteer for an organization focused on social justice and an issue that is really, personally meaningful to me.
3) What kind of opportunities have you been involved with here?
I’ve worked with the Social Media team, writing blogs and writing for Facebook and Twitter.
I recently helped coach the race team for the Rock’n Roll ½ Marathon in April.
I am finishing my training to volunteer on the crisis line.
4) How has your involvement impacted your life?
I love volunteering with W.O.M.A.N., Inc.! I’ve met amazing people and been really inspired to learn more about domestic violence and how violence impacts individuals and families, and most importantly, about the important work that organizations, like W.O.M.A.N., Inc. are doing to provide support and healing to people affected by intimate relationship violence. It’s definitely inspired me to re-examine my relationships and learn how to be a better advocate.
5) What pieces of wisdom would you share with new volunteers or community members who are interested in supporting W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
Make the time to go to the 48 hour Advocacy and Counseling Training that W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and the Riley Center collaborate on! It has been highlight of the last few months for me- it was informative, inspiring and I met really passionate, wonderful advocates.

C.U.E. Tip: Natural Remedies for Illness 
It is important for members of the W.O.M.A.N. Inc. community to protect their health especially when dealing with large amounts of emotional or physical stress. Feeling depression, anxiety, or loneliness can significantly lower our immune systems, making us vulnerable to getting sick.  When we do get sick it is important for us to give our bodies the rest and nurture it deserves. WellnessMama.com is an excellent blog that promotes healthy foods and lifestyles.

Medication can be expensive, so we need to find ways that can help us get better and are cost effective.  Visit our blog to learn about three natural remedies from Wellnessmama.com, we can make, using supplies we have at home, to help us take care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

By Social Media Intern, Janella Parucha

Survivor Story: "I dedicated myself to survive"
TRIGGER WARNING: physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse
Miriam (name has been changed) was a client in our Latina Program who, despite having endured traumatizing abuse from her husband, managed to escape with her two sons and survive. Her story is inspiring and truly extraordinary. The following is an excerpt:

"Miriam came to the United States from her home country of Mexico to live the 'American Dream' but that dream soon became a nightmare.  Miriam met her now ex-husband here in the U.S. and started dating for a couple of years and then got married.  She thought that she would spend the rest of her life with him.  But the same man that said 'I love you' soon became abusive..."

To read more about Miriam's story of survival, visit our blog.

Please consider donating to W.O.M.A.N., Inc. so that we can continue to provide essential services to survivors like Miriam. We rely on and appreciate your support.


Welcoming New Volunteers
On Friday March 28th, 2014, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and the Riley Center joined with friends, family, and community supporters to honor the completion of the Winter 48-Hour Collaborative Anti-DV Training. We celebrated the graduation of seven new crisis line advocates.  Please join me in welcoming Anisa Berry, Christina Bulman, Susan Carroll, Trang Chau and Bibiana Gutierrez to the team! Our current volunteers Erin Durkee and Kelsey Wiendenhoefer also completed the 48-hour training so they will also be joining our crisis line.

We also celebrated the graduation of some of our community partners. We are happy to congratulate Teresa Chang from Homeless Prenatal, Nancy Ding and Karen Chu from Cameron House and Eva Klein from the Family Violence Law Center.

It was a full and exciting six weeks of training! The new team of advocates brings an array amazing skills and we are so happy to have them embark on their volunteer journey with us. They will be completing their observation shifts in the office beginning in April so stop by and say hello to them!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made this training and all trainings a success. We could not do it without the help of community partners who come and speak; sharing their skills, knowledge, and experience.  Thank you!

If you or someone you know wants to participate in the Summer 2014 Training beginning in June, please contact Maureen@womaninc.org


9th Annual Walk Against Rape 
When: April 26th, 2014
Where: San Francisco
Details: Walk Against Rape is an opportunity for the communities of San Francisco to come together and raise awareness around sexual assault. To register for the event, click here.

Suicide Prevention Workshop for the LGBTQ Community
When: April 26th, 2014
Where: LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market St, San Francisco, 10:30am-12:00pm
Details: Workshop will be offered free of charge and will address suicide awareness and prevention.

C.U.E. Events

Doggie Walk--Save the Date!
When: July 19th, 2014
Where: TBD
Details: Bring your pooches out for an afternoon of light exercise and self-care. We have not yet decided on a place to meet for the walk or when we will be meeting, but will keep you posted when we do. 

Wish List

The following in-kind gifts (new or gently used) will help W.O.M.A.N., Inc. to support survivors of domestic violence in a holistic and relevant manner:
  • Small rolling luggage case for laptop
  • Digital camera with video
  • Gift Cards for Walgreens, Safeway, Ross, local restaurants, etc. (For survivors and children who must flee without funds).
  • Motel Vouchers (for those survivors who may only need one night in a confidential location until they can find a shelter or leave town).
  • Muni Passes, Muni Passport or Muni single ride tickets, or BART tickets
  • Room/Cubicle Dividers
  • Laptops
  • Used cell phones with batteries (no chargers, please!)
  • People willing to throw a Party With Purpose Party for W.O.M.A.N., Inc. For more details, please contact outreach@womaninc.org or leave a message at (415) 864-4777 ext 317
  • W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Facebook Followers - https://www.facebook.com/WOMANInc
  • W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Twitter Followers - https://twitter.com/WOMANinc
  • W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Pinterest Followers - http://pinterest.com/womaninc/

To learn more about contributing to our wish list or making other types of donations, call Jill Zawisza at 415-864-4777, Ext 306.