November 2012

Running to End Domestic Violence Quest  
Five races down and one to go!  October was a busy month for the Running to End Domestic Violence Quest.  I ran the Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon on October 7, the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 14, and the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on October 28th.

We also hosted the Sports Basement event on October 11th.  Attendees were able to mingle with staff, board members, and volunteers from WOMAN Inc as well as learn more about the Running to End Domestic Violence Quest.  Our wonderful volunteer, Amelie Booska and her partner John Wuopio, created and premiered their video about the Running to End Domestic Violence Quest at the event, which you can also view here: Running to End DV Quest Video.

Jora Frantzis, another talented individual also created a video about the campaign shown here as well.  Running to End DV Quest-Short Video.

Falletti Foods & Madrone also donated gift certificates to be raffled off at the event.

I am truly thankful for all the support received during the 6 months of the Running to End DV Quest.  But it isn't over yet!  My legs may be getting tired (especially since I ran a few of those races with a sprained ankle), but there is still 1 ½ months to go and one more race to run.  So let's try to raise a little more money for the cause.

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Also, if you would like to keep up to date with the Running to End Domestic Violence Quest, please join the Running to End DV Facebook page.

Thank you again for your support!
~ Mariya




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WOMAN Inc made Top 7 Charity in SF List! 

For the past few weeks, 7x7 Magazine has been hosting a contest in partnership with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to name San Francisco's Top Charity for 2012. With support from our communtiy, WOMAN Inc has made it to the top seven! Now we're on to the final round of voting and WOMAN Inc is seeking to become #1! 

All of the top seven charities will be taking home funds- the top six will be taking home $2,000 grants from PG&E. But, the agency that garners the most votes will have their holidays brightened with a total of $10,000. So please help us spread word of the contest and continue to vote for us to become the top charity in San Francisco! 

Here is the link to vote -- http://www.7x7.com/arts-culture/san-franciscos-top-7-favorite-charitiesvote#/0

Top 7 voting closes at 5 pm on December 10. 

Thank you to all those whose fingers might already be a little sore from voting repeatedly for our agency. We couldn't have reached the top 7 without your support! 

Expanding the Domestic Violence Information and Referral Center 
In 2010, WOMAN Inc invited twenty-three anti domestic violence agencies throughout the Bay Area to come together to discuss using technology to better understand what services are available to survivors and to enhance communication amongst the anti domestic violence agencies themselves. Two years later, over 30 agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area are now utilizing the Domestic Violence Information and Referral Center (DVIRC) to help domestic violence survivors find safe havens and other available services simply and efficiently. 

With the DVIRC’s successful implementation in the Bay Area, the Blue Shield Foundation of California has provided funding to WOMAN Inc to expand the system. In its next phase, the project hopes to expand beyond the predominantly urban San Francisco Bay Area to include rural counties. This two-year project involves making the DVIRC system accessible to DV agencies in Ventura County, Del Norte County, and Santa Clara County. Through data evaluation and interviews with participating agencies, WOMAN Inc. also hopes to get a clearer picture of what statewide expansion and long term sustainability of the system might look like.

The need for the DVIRC is well informed as WOMAN Inc and other DV agencies must often refer clients to resources in other regions of the state – especially DV survivors who need to relocate a good distance from their abuser. Currently, there is no effective and efficient system in which resources can be found.  Expanding the DVIRC to the entire state of California would solve these problems as each agency joining the DVIRC could include their referral services on the website to share with all other agencies.  

Harrington House, a DV agency located in Crescent City that will be participating in the expansion, has mentioned that being able to locate special services such as allowing pets to come to shelter with domestic violence survivors would be particularly useful to them. For many of their clients being able to locate a shelter that can make arrangements for pets is of great importance. Some survivors may not want to leave their pets behind and having access to additional resources with specific details regarding the shelters services, can give survivors more options and help them to feel empowered.  Animal care is also of special importance in rural agricultural areas such as Del Norte County, where Crescent City is located, because many of the resident’s livelihoods depend on their animals, and often times the survivors cannot afford to leave their animals behind. 

Over the next month, Jill Zawiza and Mariya Taher of WOMAN Inc will be meeting with Harrington House (Crescent City), Coalition for Family Harmony (Oxnard), and the Santa Clara Domestic Violence Consortium to begin work on expanding the DVIRC in hopes of building a stronger network of anti-domestic violence service providers throughout California. 

Echando Pa'lante Thanks Rainbow Grocery Cooperative: A Worker Owned Collective

We would like to thank Rainbow Grocery Cooperative: A Worker Owned Collective, a strong and diverse organization that offers support, resources, education and information in addition to healthy, organic, and local foods to our communities.  Rainbow Grocery Cooperative: A Worker Owned Collective generously donated funding for our Latina survivor empowerment group, Echando Pa'lante.  

To learn more about Echando Pa'lante, please visit our WOMAN, Inc Blog- Echando Pa'lante.

Their donation will allow survivors and their children to enjoy healthy snacks and dinner at our monthly Echando Pa'lante meetings and trainings.  This donation also will also help fund the Echando Pa'lante holiday party in December, where survivors of domestic violence come together to celebrate the holidays and reflect on all that they have achieved since leaving their abusive relationships.

Gracias Rainbow Grocery Cooperative for your generous support!  

Take the WOMAN, Inc Community Survey!

WOMAN Inc is undergoing an effort to understand our agency's outreach efforts to the community. Please take our Community Survey to help us in this endeavor. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Your feedback on what types of information to provide and in what forms (social media, e-mails, etc) regarding our agency's anti-domestic violence efforts would be much appreciated.

Click on the link to access the survey: 

WOMAN, Inc Contributes to State-Wide Training Curriculum

WOMAN, Inc is a member of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV).  CPEDV keeps DV agencies across the state connected, organizes policy advocacy work, holds annual conferences for advocates, and so much more.  Earlier this year, we were invited to participate in an effort to create a comprehensive and unified curriculum for the 40 hour DV training. Some materials that we are especially proud of--focused on working with survivors of DV, peer counseling, LGBTQ survivors, self awareness-were included in the finalized curriculum. We're so honored and proud to have been part of this shared work!

Visit 40 hour DV training to learn more about the sample training curriculum offered by the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. 

Adopt A Family, Empower A Survivor
This holiday season, WOMAN Inc is looking for donors to support families of domestic violence. For the past 5 years, WOMAN Inc aims to give a gift that serves as an invaluable resource for survivals of domestic violence: Empowerment.
How do we differ?
WOMAN Inc is asking donors to provide gift cards, rather than actual wrapped presents, for participating families. Your donation of a gift card allows the survivor to be part of the gift giving process for the family.  They will gain a sense of responsibility, pride, and accomplishment by participating in the holiday shopping experience.  They will take pride in knowing that all gifts were selected, purchased, and wrapped by them for their family.

How can you help?
Please email outreach@womaninc.org to be connected with a family.  Be aware, the typical family would received $100 in the gift cards of their choosing, or $40-$50/child. 

Program Highlight: Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is an essential part of WOMAN, Inc and our efforts to end domestic violence. As a grassroots organization, volunteers have always supported many of the services that we provide to survivors and the work that we do to educate our communities. Today, volunteers are engaged in almost every area of the organization, helping with our: 24-hour Crisis Line, Drop-in support hours, Latina Program, Children's Program, Outreach & Community Education, Language Support Advocate pool, Support Group Facilitation, Development & Fundraising, Administrative Support, Database Management, Social Media, and Program Support. 
Volunteers enter this work for many reasons - to help provide safe spaces for healing, to empower their community members, to learn about and end oppression in its various forms, and to explore careers in social work and counseling. Many of our volunteers participate in our 40-hour DV training and commit to direct service roles with WOMAN, Inc for at least a year. We are lucky in that so many of our volunteers have stayed with us beyond this commitment and throughout much transition. Three of our current core staff even started as volunteers!
We are so grateful to work alongside a diverse and dedicated pool of 55+ volunteers, and hope to continue growing this community together!

Staff Highlight: Lily Krutel 

 How long have you been working at WOMAN Inc?

 I started volunteering with WOMAN, Inc in April 2009.  After participating in the 40-hour DV training, I began working on the crisis line and progressed into facilitating support groups.  In July 2010, I stepped into my current role of       Volunteer Coordinator.

 What do you do at WOMAN Inc?

 My work mostly focuses on the Volunteer Program; I train and support our amazing community of volunteers.  Three times a year, I help to facilitate our 40-hour DV training.  I also help to organize ongoing education events   throughout the year.  Like other program staff at WOMAN, Inc, I help to provide community education, organize fundraising events, and support our efforts towards LGBTQ-inclusive service provision.

 How did you come into this profession?

 Two things really motivated me to enter this profession.  One was my own exposure to DV while growing up, and the other is my continued interest in expanding my knowledge and skills relevant to the field of social work.  It's an honor to support survivors of DV and their families, and to work closely with inspiring advocates in the anti-DV community, and that's what keeps me here!

 What do you enjoy most about the Volunteer Program?

 I always enjoy guiding new volunteers through the training process, and getting to know each of them throughout their involvement with WOMAN, Inc.  I love being a source of support to folks as they hone their social service skills, and also really enjoy developing the program and the opportunities that we can offer to volunteers.

What are you looking forward to as the Volunteer Program continues to grow?

I look forward to developing our current volunteer opportunities, and creating new opportunities that speak to the direction our agency is moving in and the diverse skills and experiences of our volunteer community.  I would love to see volunteers progress into more advanced roles with direct service and leadership in the organization. 

What do you enjoy most about working with WOMAN Inc? 

Along with contributing to work that strengthens our communities, I am really grateful to collaborate with the intelligent, funny, and open-minded folks at WOMAN, Inc and with our dedicated partner agencies.

Volunteer Spotlight

* Tania Parks 
Tania is a dynamo. She really does set the volunteer standard--ask anyone! During a time of stress and transition, Tania (amongst many other amazing volunteers) stepped up to help WOMAN Inc weather the storm. We can count on Tania to do what she says she's going to do, when she says she's going to do it. What a load off, knowing she's engaged not only at WOMAN Inc, but in the anti-domestic violence field as a whole. Her commitment to WOMAN Inc, the staff, the other volunteers and most importantly, survivors of domestic violence, are all parts of what make her such an amazing volunteer. We are so lucky she's here. Thank you Tania--we really appreciate everything you've done for WOMAN Inc and the survivors we serve. 

* Caresse Santin
Caresse began volunteering at WOMAN, Inc back in 2004, supporting our organization through many transitions and much progress.  She is one of our most dedicated supporters, helping out on the crisis line every week for the past several years.  Our team appreciates Caresse's helpful and genuine attitude, her sense of humor, and awe-inspiring commitment to the agency and this work.  We can't thank her enough! 


* Viviana Arcia
Viviana started volunteering at WOMAN, Inc in June of this year.  In a short time, she has already contributed so much!  Viviana has helped extensively in building our DV Information & Referral Center, in contributing to our work around LGBTQ-inclusive services, and works regularly on our crisis line and with the Latina Program.  She is a strong advocate for survivors of violence and we are so grateful for all of her hard work! 


SFSU Clothesline Project
On October 24th, WOMAN Inc. participated at SFSU's "Clothesline Project/Walk in Her Heels" event.  It was put together by a campus organization called, The Safe Place, which serves as a resource center for sexual violence prevention and crisis intervention.  In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, people were invited to paint a t-shirt telling a story about domestic violence, which was then displayed at the Cesar Chavez Student Center.  Also as a way to spread awareness and raise money for local domestic violence centers, men were invited to "take a walk in her shoes" by trading in their sneakers for high heels for the day.  Various campus and local organizations were invited to table at the event, educate the public about their services, and overall spread awareness.  Frances and Jaymie represented WOMAN, Inc at this event and throroughly enjoyed speaking with the campus community about WOMAN, Inc.'s services, networking with other organizations, and supporting the fight against domestic violence!  WOMAN Inc would like to thank The Safe Place and SFSU for inviting us to this wonderful event, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Global Exchange Fundraiser  
WOMAN Inc. and Global Exhange recently partnered together for a night of awareness and shopping for Survivors of Domestic Violence.  Global Exhange, located at 4018 24th Street in Noe Valley, international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.  The store is packed full of fair trade items from around the world, as well as from groups right here in San Francisco.  Shoppers were treated to a 10% discount on all purchases and 10% of the night's earnings going right to WOMAN Inc.  While the first night of chilly weather kept many shoppers at bay, we were able to collect over $100 which will go directly to providing further support and advocacy for survivors of Domestic Violence here in San Francisco.  Thanks Global Exhange!

WOMAN, Inc has a blog! 
WOMAN Inc has recently unveiled its blog, http://womaninc.wordpress.com/.  The blog was initiated as a way for supporters of WOMAN Inc. to be updated on organizational events, programming, staff/volunteers, and general updates.  As such, it is one of the many social media outlets WOMAN Inc. has created in order to help the anti-domestic violence community know more about the organization and its work.  The blog is updated by WOMAN Inc. Social Media Interns.  The blog also includes links to our other social media outlets, like Twitter and YouTube.

The blog also includes articles and updates from the WOMAN Inc. monthly Newsletter, including Staff and Volunteer Highlights, updates on fundraising events (like staff member Mariya Taher's Running to End Domestic Violence Quest), Program Highlights (like the Latina Program and Crisis Line), and blurbs about the diverse group of Conferences and gatherings WOMAN Inc. has participated in, including Connecting California 2012 and Connecting the Dots Domestic Violence Conference, where WOMAN Inc. was selected to present on fostering more LGBTQ-inclusive services for all survivors.

If you have any ideas or feedback relating to the blog or how we can make it better, please email socialmedia@womaninc.org!


2013 Events

Karaoke Fundraising Night

Date: Saturday, January 12, 2013
Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: The Mint Karaoke Bar, 1942 Market Street (between Laguna St. and Guerrero St.), San Francisco, CA 94102
Details: Sing the night away at "The Mint" while helping to sustain services for survivors of domestic violence!  $5 Well Drink Specials all night!  Visit http://www.crowdrise.com/ginaL87/fundraiser/ginali for more details!

The Stanford Vagina Monologues

Date: Coming April 2013
Details: More information coming soon! The show will be performed by Stanford students and is open to the public. Proceeds will benefit WOMAN Inc. 


Wish List

The following in-kind gifts (new or gently used) will help WOMAN, Inc. to support survivors of domestic violence in a holistic and relevant manner:
  • Small rolling luggage case for laptop
  • Digital camera with video
  • Gift Cards for Walgreens, Safeway, Ross, local restaurants, etc. (For survivors and children who must flee without funds).
  • Motel Vouchers (for those survivors who may only need one night in a confidential location until they can find a shelter or leave town).
  • Muni Passes, Muni Passport or Muni single ride tickets, or BART tickets
  • Room/Cubicle Dividers
  • Laptops
  • People willing to throw a Party With Purpose Party for WOMAN, Inc. For more details, please contact outreach@womaninc.org or leave a message at (415) 864-4777 ext 317
  • WOMAN Inc Facebook Followers - https://www.facebook.com/WOMANInc

To learn more about contributing to our wish list or making other types of donations, call Jill Zawisza at 415-864-4777, Ext 306.