We can't let the Senate Republican establishment support candidates that win by race-baiting and courting Democrats.
Fellow Conservatives:

Many of you have contacted us to express your disgust with what happened in the Republican primary runoff in Mississippi.

The Senate Republican establishment used Democrats to defeat conservative Chris McDaniel (R-MS) because Thad Cochran (R-MS) couldn't win the election with his party's own voters.

These so-called 'Republicans' recruited Democrats -- not by arguing for conservative principles like Ronald Reagan did -- but by campaigning for liberal policies and by calling McDaniel and his supporters racists.

You are right to be angry and it's important for all conservatives to remember what happened in Mississippi.
  • We must remember that the establishment urged Cochran to run against McDaniel even though Cochran wanted to retire.
  • We must remember that the establishment opposed McDaniel even though Cochran had been in Washington for 41 years and had voted for wasteful spending, more debt, and higher taxes.
  • RINOWe must remember that the establishment opposed McDaniel even though, according to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, McDaniel would win the seat for Republicans in November.
  • We must remember that Haley Barbour got the gun-grabbing Michael Bloomberg to donate $250,000 to help defeat McDaniel.
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting calls to black voters urging them to "say no to the Tea Party and their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president."
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting flyers saying that McDaniel wanted to return Mississippi to a “bygone era of intimidating black Mississippians from voting.”
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting radio ads that claimed McDaniel had connections to the Ku Klux Klan and that McDaniel had a "racist agenda" that could cause black voters to "lose food stamps, housing assistance, student loans, early breakfast and lunch programs, and disaster assistance."
  • We must remember that the establishment funded efforts that led to widespread claims of payoffs and voter fraud that threw the results of the election into serious doubt.
  • We must remember that Mitch McConnell (R-KY) -- who vowed to "crush" conservatives "everywhere" -- raised over $800,000 from Washington, DC lobbyists and other GOP senators to help pay for Cochran's attacks against McDaniel.
  • We must remember that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) continued to oppose McDaniel after he won the most Republican votes in the primary, and then spent $175,000 of party money to defeat McDaniel in the runoff.
The establishment showed us in Mississippi that they're willing to betray their own voters and tear the GOP apart to hold on to power.

Enough is enough! 

Conservatives should stop donating to the NRSC.

Take a stand against the Senate Republican establishment by signing the pledge and committing not to donate to the NRSC.
Remember Mississippi

This will get their attention like nothing else. 

The NRSC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and sent nearly their entire staff to Mississippi to turn out liberal Democrats to beat conservatives.

Then they expect conservatives to forget what happened and continue to send them money after they stabbed us in the back.

They expect us to clap like seals when they say they're working to elect a Republican Majority when we know they won't fight for our principles.

It has to stop. We can't continue to be the party's useful idiots.

Conservatives should not fund a Republican committee that recruits liberal Democrats to defeat constitutional conservatives. 

If the only way the establishment can win GOP primaries is by disgraceful race-baiting and courting Democrats, they have lost their way. 

Show your opposition to the tactics used to defeat conservatives in Mississippi by pledging to defund the NRSC.

Majority-Leader-Wannabe Mitch McConnell, NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran, and the others who supported Thad Cochran's disgraceful attacks on Chris McDaniel are part of the problem. 

These politicians don't believe in the principles of freedom that make America great. Their ideology is power and they will do anything to keep it.

Craig Shirley, a political consultant and the author of two respected biographies of Ronald Reagan, told Yahoo News:

"This is a win for the establishment, but it’s a win with an asterisk, because it’s so tainted that it might be one of those things where they’re going to be sorry they ever won the runoff in Mississippi.” 

Let's make it so.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Fund
@KenCuccinelli / @SCF

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