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Friday, February 20th,  2015, Toronto
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Since before the Fuller brush man appeared on the porch,
marketing has been an outbound effort,
pushing messages out to interrupt prospects.
The new approach builds on the opportunities created by social media platforms.
The majority of us have got on board to some degree, engaging with what and whom we like. 


Tip of the Week
Do you or someone you know suffer from sleep issues? Apparently something can be done about that without leaving the bedroom. Coming soon, "Sense" is a technology, a bundle of sensors, the larger one sitting next to the bed and the button sized unit inside the pillowcase. Between them they learn about your response to light levels, temperature and other factors that may affect how well you sleep. What it learns is available to the sleeper in the Sense app, for iPhone and Android. The product's development is being funded by a KickStarter campaign that has raised more than two million dollars at an average investment of $99. Investors are rewarded with the product, when it reaches the marketplace, a saving of some thirty dollars over retail, sold only from the website.

Quote of the Week

"When they operated, I told them to add in a Koufax fastball. They did but unfortunately it was Mrs. Koufax's."
Tommy John
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Amplify Your Tweet

If you've ever promoted a post on Facebook you'll get Twitter's newest ad tool, Quick Promote. You may not know it but Twitter offers an analytics service that is at the heart of this new option. Here you find the activity and engagement performance for all of your tweets, according to the date range you select. Using it you can identify what tweets are doing best organically and choose to promote one or more, set a budget and await the results. You can read about it here, where a short video illustrates the process and gives you the url to the analytics page. If you run Twitter on the computer you use to visit, your information will default automatically.

Does Size Matter in Internet Marketing?

is a company with a tool kit for local SEO. Last month it released a report on SMB's marketing strategies and budgets."It found that 34% of respondents allocate less than 10% of their marketing budgets to online channels while 50% allocate less than 30% and only 29% allocate over 70%." It is perhaps easier to take in if you look at the extremes of the chart above. On the left are the one-person operations and on the right the 50+ employees. Note the disparity between them on who plans to increase spending online (35% to 59%) and on who says a hard no to it (19% to 12%). But with 94% of the 50+ employee respondents rating internet marketing as effective to very effective it seems likely that the smaller operations need to rethink finding the time or the help to make this channel work for them.

What are You Wearing?

"Floor managers in Las Vegas have recently put wearables to the test by pinging staff when a high-roller approaches. Alerted by a discreet buzz, employees can glance at their wrist and put a name to the face, making sure the VIP continues to feel like one." New wearable tech is making waves in multiple industries, from retail to airlines and particularly in manufacturing. Microsoft's HoloLens technology is particularly impressive. As an example, a home owner wearing the visor can interface with a plumber who can see what the home owner is looking at AND illustrate what to do with the leaking sink, including identifying the right tools. In the image below the plumber, seen at left, has indicated in which direction to tighten fittings. Just as easily an airline can put a specialist together with a mechanic to trouble shoot a problem costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue per hour. The story and a great video here.

Who Doesn't Like Cookies? (Mobile Devices)

This is Mari Smith Facebook marketing expert, at least according to WebProNews. Their article covers Mari's response to the question of how to utilize the network's latest features. She isn't much impressed with the functionality of the "Search" feature but likes the new "Trending" section, found near the top and right of the newsfeed. Mine currently offers collections around Ukraine, Niagara Falls and Two and a Half Men, among others. But for SMB owner/operators her comments on "dark posts" website custom audiences and ‘Atlas’, a new feature that provides retargeting options to mobile devices, which don't work with cookies, are worth the read.

No Parking on the Sidewalk?

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