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EPA Targets More Coal Ash Rules for Rollback. Water Pollution Rules, Too.

The Trump administration made another attempt on Monday to prop up the sagging coal industry by proposing to relax two Obama-era rules meant to curb water pollution from power plants and clean up the ponds utilities use to store toxic coal ash.

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Trump's Paris Climate Breakup: Why It Hasn't Happened Yet and What to Expect

The Trump administration, which separated from the international community on climate change soon after taking office, filed for divorce on Monday by formally notifying the United Nations that it was withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. Here's what that means what what to expect.

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With a Nudge From Trump, 2020 Democrats Return to Climate Change

President Trump's decision on Monday to begin the formal process of withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement prompted outrage from the Democratic presidential candidates, who may try to use the existential threat of climate change to motivate voters, The New York Times reports.

(The New York Times)

States, Green Groups Challenge Rollback of Obama-era Lightbulb Rules

Separate coalitions of states and environmental advocacy groups sued the Department of Energy on Monday, challenging a decision to eliminate Obama-era efficiency standards for lightbulbs—a move that could hasten climate change as inefficient bulbs draw more energy to power.

(The Hill)

Banned Ozone-Harming Gas, Once on the Rise, Declines Again

Emissions of CFC-11, a banned ozone-destroying gas that had risen unexpectedly since 2012, appear to have declined in the last two years, according to new data revealed Monday by scientists reporting to the Montreal Protocol. The findings suggest China made strides shutting down illegal production of the gas.

(The New York Times)

How Serious Is Climate Change Risk? Just Ask a Banker

Documents that accompany municipal bonds now show that investment banks growing more worried about climate change and how its impacts could threaten the ability of governments to pay back their debts. Read more in ICN on how climate change has become an issue for credit rating agencies.


Invasive Grasses May Worsen Wildfires, Study Suggests

California's wildfires may have stemmed from invasive grasses, which can make wildfires more frequent, according to a study published Monday in the journal PNAS.

(The New York Times)

Trump Team Seeks to ‘Modernize' National Parks, with Wi-Fi and Amazon Deliveries

A team of Trump administration advisers—consisting mostly of appointees from private industry—are urging "modernization" of national park campgrounds, with a vision of food trucks, wi-fi and even Amazon deliveries, The Guardian reports.

(The Guardian)

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