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The Paris Climate Problem: A Dangerous Lack of Urgency

Most countries aren't cutting emissions fast enough, and their pledges for the next 10 years fall far short of what's needed to keep climate change in check, a new analysis warns. Nearly two-thirds of pledges under the Paris climate agreement are "totally insufficient" to meet critical climate targets, the report found.

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Voters Flip Virginia’s Legislature, Clearing Way for Climate and Clean Energy Policies

Democrats seized control of the Virginia legislature in this week's election, flipping the state's leadership from red to blue. And in Kentucky, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin appears to have narrowly lost to Democrat Andy Beshear. Those results could determine the path both states take in terms of climate action and clean energy.

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EPA Watchdog, Citing ‘Open Defiance’ of Inquiries, Rebukes Top Agency Aide

In a letter made public on Wednesday, the EPA's acting inspector general rebuked the agency's chief of staff for refusing to cooperate with an inquiry into whether he pressured a scientist to alter her congressional testimony, calling his actions a "flagrant problem" and referring the matter to Congress.

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NASA Flew Gas Detectors Above California, Found ‘Super Emitters’

Over the course of three years, a NASA plane surveying California and carrying gas-imaging equipment discovered "super emitters" of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The results were published in a report Wednesday, estimating that 10 percent of the places releasing methane are responsible for more than half of the state's total emissions.


Bipartisan Senate Climate Caucus Grows by Six Members

The Senate's bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus aimed at crafting legislation that will significantly reduce U.S. carbon emissions, is already growing with the addition of six new members announced on Wednesday.

(The Hill)

Italy to Become First Country to Make Learning About Climate Change Compulsory for School Students

From next year, Italian school students in every grade will be required to study climate change and sustainability, in an attempt to position the country as a world leader in environmental education.


Americans Start Adapting to Climate Change. They’re Doing It Wrong

America's climate adaptation plans "disproportionately benefit the wealthy and increase the vulnerability of poor and historically marginalized communities," according to new research published last week in the journal Ocean and Coastal Management.


Brazil Had High Hopes for Its Big Oil Auction. They Went Bust.

Brazil's government had high hopes that a huge auction held Wednesday to award offshore oil drilling rights would cement the country's status as an emerging giant in the sector. But only Brazil's state-run oil company, Petrobras, and a couple of Chinese firms submitted bids for an auction that the Brazilian government had billed as the largest oil auction in history.

(The New York Times)

New Zealand Passes Law Aiming for Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

New Zealand lawmakers on Thursday adopted a measure to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. The framework enshrines the target in law and makes it a legally binding objective.


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