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Radical Warming in Siberia Leaves Millions on Unstable Ground

A region in eastern Siberia that's home to 5.4 million people has warmed by more than 3 degrees Celsius since preindustrial times—thawing permafrost that once sustained farming and acts as the foundation on which villages and cities were built, The Washington Post reports.

(Washington Post)

A Major Fossil Fuel State Is Joining RGGI, the Northeast's Carbon Market

One of the nation's largest coal and natural gas producing states, is moving to join the Northeast's carbon market. It would mark the largest expansion of the multistate initiative since its inception a decade ago and a milestone in the drive by states to counter the impact of the Trump administration's retreat from climate action.

(InsideClimate News)

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Expected to Resign Next Month

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is expected to announce his resignation from the administration by the end of November, Politico reports. Perry, who joined President Donald Trump's Cabinet in 2017, has largely avoided controversies. But his travels to Ukraine lately have embroiled him in the Trump impeachment inquiry.


Efforts to Disband Key Advisory Boards Overseeing Species Meets Pushback

A California lawmaker along with a group of former committee advisors are challenging the White House's recent decision to terminate two federal advisory boards that oversee species—the National Invasive Species Council and the Marine Protected Areas Advisory Committee.

(The Hill)

Chevron Aims to Cut Intensity of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Production

Oil giant Chevron Corp aims to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions from its oil production by an additional 5 percent to 10 percent over a seven-year period ending 2023 as part of an ongoing effort to combat global climate change, the company said on Thursday.


Germany Plans to Hike Taxes on European, Long-Haul Flights

The German government is planning to raise taxes on ticket sales for mid-haul and long-haul flights within Europe, according to a document reviewed by Reuters. The hikes, which would take effect in April of 2020, are part of a larger government plan to curb carbon emissions.


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