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Biden’s Paris Goal: Pressure Builds for a 50 Percent Greenhouse Gas Cut by 2030

Hundreds of businesses have joined environmental activists calling on the Biden administration to announce a 50 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as the United States plans its actions to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord. President Biden will unveil the nation’s new commitments under the agreement in the next two weeks.

(Inside Climate News)

NFTs Are Shaking Up the Art World. They May Be Warming the Planet, Too.

Nonfungible tokens, the lucrative digital artwork that has exploded in popularity in the past few months, require blockchain technology, which uses a massive amount of energy and comes at a high cost to the planet. The greenhouse gas emissions from an average NFT are equivalent to driving 500 miles in a typical car.

(The New York Times)

New Zealand Introduces World’s First Climate Change Law for Financial Firms

New Zealand has introduced a first-of-its-kind law that will require banks, insurers and investment managers to report the impacts of climate change on their business, Reuters reports. The law would bring climate change risks to the heart of business and finance decisions, the country’s minister for climate change said in a statement.


‘I’m Hopeful’: The 18-Year-Old Helping to Craft US Climate Policy

Jerome Foster spent every Friday for 58 weeks protesting outside of the White House for action on climate change. Now, he is by far the youngest member of a panel advising President Biden on environmental justice issues. 

(The Guardian)

California Dairy Farmers are Saving Money—and Cutting Methane Emissions—By Feeding Cows Leftovers

California’s dairy farmers have started feeding cows leftover nut shells from nearby almond orchards instead of traditional forage. The move not only saves farmers money, but it curbs emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

(Inside Climate News)

600 Manatee Deaths in Florida Raise Concerns Over Sustainable Habitat

Manatees are dying at three times their average rate this year, leading environmentalists to question the sustainability of Florida’s waterways. The state’s fish and wildlife agency noticed in December that manatees in the Indian River Lagoon—home to nearly one-third of the entire U.S. manatee population—were emaciated and dying at higher rates.

(The Hill)

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