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Minnesota Alleges ExxonMobil, Koch and API Deceived Public About Climate Change

Three fossil fuel entities violated Minnesota's Consumer Fraud Act by issuing misleading statements about global warming, and engaged in a 30-year campaign of climate change deception, a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the state's attorney general claims.

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Trump is Headlining Fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Experts Worry Two Things Could Spread: Virus and Wildfire.

The National Park Service has banned fireworks at Mount Rushmore National Monument, which is surrounded by 1,200 acres of forest, since 2010. However, President Trump is planning a fireworks display on July 3 for 7,500 people with no social distancing requirements.

(The Washington Post)

Inside Clean Energy: Here Are the States Where You Save the Most on Fuel by Choosing an EV

Dig deep into the cost savings of fueling an EV, a big set of proposals in Minnesota to boost the economy with clean energy and Tesla's quest to revitalize its rooftop solar business, all in the latest edition of Inside Clean Energy by Dan Gearino.

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EPA Moves to Exempt Companies from Reporting Harmful Chemical Releases

A new EPA rule may allow polluters of PFAS (known as "forever chemicals") to bypass reporting requirements if the chemical is released in low enough concentrations, The Guardian reports. Several environmental organizations oppose the rule.

(The Guardian)

Farm Group Calls EPA a 'Barrier' for Emissions Reduction in Biofuels

The president of the National Farmers Union said in a Senate meeting that the EPA is the main obstacle to "a lot of additional success that we can have in the reduction of greenhouse gases in ethanol technology." Ethanol is a tricky issue for the Trump administration which puts two key groups in his base at odds: the oil industry and farmers.

(The Hill)

Kirk Smith, Towering Figure in Environmental Science, Dies at 73

While visiting rural parts of Asia in the 1970s, Kirk Smith detected an enormous threat to human health—indoor air pollution. As one of the first scientists to address the dangers of indoor cooking in developing countries, he discovered that cookstoves release an amount of smoke equivalent to 400 cigarettes per hour.

(The New York Times)

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